What to trade, what to keep

How do you guys decide what throws you’re keeping and what you can trade/sell ?

I find it really hard to give up a throw, I want them all! ;D
But I realized that I will need to get rid of some of them

So, how do you decide ?

If I don’t like it, or get bored of it, I trade it. Some yoyo’s don’t get played as much as they should, so I trade it because someone could be having a lot better of time with it .

For me, it’s very easy… Anything I have can and will leave for a good offer. I don’t really have any attachments to any atm.

I agree with him. Since you’re not playing that certain yoyo, Some guy may be dying to get that yoyo. I just trade yoyos if i dont really play with it

if I don’t play it
I trade it

if I ding it, I keep it
if I play it and keep coming back at it at times, I keep it

I have not come across a yoyo I dislike yet and wouldn’t trade any of my throws because they all have their stories and I have spent so much time with them (polishing,sanding,siliconing, and throwing). I might trade one, but that person would have to really want my yoyos. Plus there are some I couldn’t trade/sell because I wouldn’t feel right doing that to a yoyoing I was given.

If I don’t like it I sell it.
If I don’t play with it much I trade it.
If I like it but want a different color way I trade it.
I am not attached to many of my yoyo’s just my first metal and the worlds edition ones.