Narrowing Down Keepers

I plan to sell any yoyo I don’t need but I’m having a hard time determining how many and what to keep!

I’m kinda thinking I keep and look for:
one competition throw (more rim weighted for stability i’m assuming)
one fun throw
one midsize
one small (popstar)
one plastic

Does this seem like a complete list?

So what about you guys? How do you determine what to keep?

I just keep buying until I feel content with what I have. This feeling last for about a week and then I see that some new high end has just been released. Then I gawk at it’s beauty until I have the money to purchase it. I don’t think that I’ll ever sell any of my throws.

i couldn’t let myself do that haha i’d feel like i blew all my money on yoyo’s, I just want what is necessary, but idk what that is lol

What yoyos do you enjoy and play the most often? Those are the ones you should keep.

its such a tough choice, because i’m in need of money and need to sell some off.

I’ve got a 24 hole case. 12 metals and 12 plastics allowed and everything else goes

It lets me keep some variety in my case without getting to out of hand and collecting too much.

What all has made it in?

Mostly stuff that holds significant value

The things I own and will most likely be keeping are as follows:
2 onestars
2 patriots
crazy d
OG one with fhz caps
pyro 3
custom ano barebones
irony jp
TE g5

Throws I’m stuck with until further notice
black unreleased crazy d
die nasty
loop 1080
master galaxy

You’ll notice I’m 1 metal too many and that’s due to me getting something new today that I wasn’t expecting

Reasons I sell/trade yoyos:

  1. I don’t enjoy playing with it
  2. I don’t enjoy looking at it
  3. I own more than one of the identical model

I never planned to sell/trade any yoyos until I realized how many yoyos I had that violated these 3 “rules” I’ve now sort of set for myself.

Aside from yoyos on my BST I only own 1 yoyo that violates rule #1 (it is a custom ano, I can’t imagine ever letting it go), 0 yoyos that violate rule #2 and 2 yoyos that violate rule #3 (two 66g Chiefs, two 2nd run Peaks, not planning to sell one of either at the moment).

I have sold and will continue to sell a great deal of my yoyos that don’t violate any of these rules as well. For example, I enjoy playing with and looking at my Wrath, and it is the only one I have ever owned. It simply does not speak to me in any special way and has barely been thrown since I traded for it and therefore I have no reason to keep it. Yoyos like these are the hardest for me to let go since there is nothing to dislike about them, but when I have been routinely throwing the same 10 yoyos for the past 3 months and rarely touching so many others I really think I will be ok if I can whittle my collection down to 20-25 throws in the near future.

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An unwinnable war, it seems.

I recently upgraded to a 40 hole case from my 13 hole case (that I incidentally told myself would be my yoyo limit). It doesn’t really help that so many good companies pump out so much good stuff all the time.

But I tend to be very picky when deciding keepers. I’m big into trading, so quite a few yoyos pass through my hands. I have to like the colorway or else it goes. If it passes a visual inspection, then I have to adore how it plays. If I kept every yoyo that played “pretty good”, I’d be a much more broke man.

So my advice is to keep the yoyos you really, really like. I wouldn’t worry about having one from each category. About 95% of my collection is full-sized, 1A metals. The only thing that matters to me is that I like everything about it.

oops, ditto. Regarding Wraths, in fact.

I like how it goes plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic ti

It really is a tough choice. I’m going to try to keep my collection pretty small, plus I need some extra cash haha, but thank god for the bst!