Money for New Yo-Yo

My yo-yo has no ball bearings, and I want to buy the YoYoJam Kickside. The problem is, I have no money and I’m twelve. Any suggestions?

Save up brotha! LOL.
You could see if you could trade your yoyo for one in the B/S/T but I don’t think anybody would be interested. But it is worth a shot.

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look for change in between your couch cushions and in your washer/dryer lol

hmmm, try asking the magic money fairy, or ask for an allowance?

What I did at your age is tell my parents that I really wanted something, and asked them what chores I could do to earn enough money to buy it. Like whatever stuff above and beyond you can do that would really help them out. Try that.

haha im twelve too :slight_smile:
and i told my mom that i wanted 3 yoyo’s but it costed to much so i just did my homework on time, got good grades on my tests, did chores around the house and eventually my mom said she would by me those 3 yoyo’s and more! ;D

say to your mom I need an allowance talk about it and yah. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Mow lawns/ plow driveways. (I live in Alaska, that’s where the plow driveways came from)

Not trying to give you any bad ideas that’ll get you in trouble with your parents, but when I was 12 and I needed (wanted, lol) something, I’d just save my lunch money and not eat. It’d take a while but I would eventually have enough money to get what I needed.

Other things are the obvious ones. Do chores for some money. Save your allowance. Sell some old stuff to your friends.

If you was 18, you could always sell the plasma in your blood! Hehe.

You could also just tell your parents that if they get you the yo yo now that it will be an early birthday present and you won’t ask for much or won’t ask for anything for your birthday. If its something you want that badly its worth it…

I did extra chores and mowed neighbors lawns for extra money. Neighbors are always suckers for kids looking for work. Unless you have creepy neighbors in which case stay away from them :).