come here to vent


on this thread you can just vent. here’s mine

well, yoyos officially hate me. first, i buy a metal zero. then i buy a vendetta which i personally did not like. there goes my 75$. then i buy a dv888. then my metal zero breaks. then i almost trade my vendetta, but then i relize the shipping is too much(overseas).then i buy a dm2. then the northstar comes out. i sell my dm2 andget a northstar. then it gets vibey and its crap. then i almost trade my vendetta again. then it doesnt happen. then i tell my mom that im going to sell my northstar and buy aother one. then she gets on me about spending and wasting money. ahhhhhh!!!

ahhh now that i vented, i feel much beter. heh heh oh wait, no i dont!


I waste my life on yoyo forums.


“Waste” is a strong word. You could try and say the same thing about me, but when you don’t have a life to live outside of this, there is no waste.


I forgot to add " ;)"


My dad is always yelling at me for spending too much money on yoyos. I bought a Bassalope for
$40, which was the first yoyo I had bought in about 2 months, and he got really mad. I’m probably going to sell a lot of my yoyos, but its so hard to let certain one go…


… slacks piss me off… teachers piss me off… especially when you can point out when theyre going to yell at your before they do it. I mean shes psyco… she makes fun of me in front of the class., im the immature kid that yoyos. She can go die for all i care… venting … not helpin


This too will pass, young one. :wink:

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My version of (yoyo with 2 min sleep time) sleeps for 45 seconds, the last fifteen of which, it tilts and is incapable of a bind return.

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It’s you, not the yoyo

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I made state Cross Country today…But my team didnt…GAHHHH!!!