This is a Safe Thread. Post a yoyo related confession that you've never told/showed anyone here

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damn i hearted it anyway

(Evan Brown) #44

For a throw as cheap as the n12 I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t dinged up, mine is probably the most beat up yoyo I own.

(Jacob Waugh) #45

I can’t either, lol.

I too am not going to heart this, and I use all 50 likes every day.



(Neil ) #47

I once was yoyoing and walking and I walked straight into a pole. Got a cut on my forehead and dinged my yo-yo. I also tend to hit my face with the yo-yo when I throw and walk.

(Jacob Waugh) #48

Mine is kind of worse than all y’all, I was buying something from someone on FB (he knows my name and he knows how to contact me) and I told him that I was using F&F, we did the transaction and he sent me the yoyo and all was fine, until yesterday, I was buying something from Joey Serrano, and he said that I did G&S (I said I was going F&F) and I owed him 2.50 US dollah, I payed him, and then realized that I misclicked the G&S when I meant F&F when buying the thing from the other guy, and then it was preset during the transaction with Joey. Everything is cool with the Latter, but I never heard back from the other guy, so I may have short changed someone 2.50. there isn’t a way of knowing.

(Evan Landreneau) #49

Moral of the story: Don’t yoyo and walk at the same time.

(Victorian YoYos) #50

Lol my friend did that and I saw it all go down

(Neil ) #51

I will never stop. Yo-yo and walk everyday.

(Evan Landreneau) #52

I wasn’t telling you to stop yoyoing. I was just saying don’t walk and yo-yo at the same time. And please, never stop yoyoing.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #53

I hit myself in the face three times today with my yoyo. The only thing I damaged was my pride. Birthday Spectacle still in smooth condition!


I throw mostly over concrete. Dings happen…I get upset the first time I ding one, but after that whatever.

I too am guilty of being super cheap. I have only bought a couple brand new and never paid over $50.

I feel guilty when I sell gifts or prizes… Once I needed the money for life crap, the others are just because I didn’t care for them, and wanted funds for another yoyo.

My worst thing ever… back when I was new I didn’t really know what botique brands were and thought all yoyo companies were bigger than they really are. I won an incredible yoyo but I acted like an jerk when I told an owner to check qc bc I thought another item was supposed to be included (my only partially redeeming thing is I told them not to send it)…turns out that item was not included in the giveaway like sold items…so I came off as greedy and rude. I apologized shortly after but I still feel horrible to this day and probably always will…:pensive:

(Mitch ) #55

I have thought about this for a few of my throws. I have a hard time picking my favorite so that might get expensive


HAH! My confession of the day is that the thought of a naked dude throwing a yoyo gives me some hilarious mental images that I’d rather not have.

I just opened your package…:rofl: . Seriously though, they’re great! I love ziplines, and I was short on yellow, cool stickers, and obviously packed with love and care. THANK YOU!


i am a magnet to bst

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I though I unresponsive was a responsive when I got my first true yoyo (magic yoyo n8 I think, also it’s more like a pocket sized which is what I use it for now but still)


I’ve probably broken more yoyos than most people. A YWET, Bapezilla, 2Sick Knight, and YYF Dream just to name a few.


Wait, broken how?

(Ethan Phelps) #61

I have almost quit yoyo if about 4-6 times because of multiple reasons before I got grounded into the sport


Like. Broken broken.