Yo-Yo Confessions

Fairly recently got back into Yo-Yoing. I was a kid in the 60’s so I once owned some drug store standards.

I pledged to myself that I would purchase a quality metal throw once I became a little trick proficient. Maybe then I could justify the purchase or at least deserve it.

One day, I noticed that a model I was eyeing was down to one in stock in the colorway I desired.

My skills poor at best, yet I by passed the “wish list” - I skipped “add to cart” - I went right to “buy it now”! My only saving grace was it wasn’t on a Sunday or a Friday during Lent.

Please make me feel better about my indiscretion by sharing your weak moment(s).


Like you, I began with yoyos in the 60s. I still like the inexpensive yoyos and buy them whenever I run across a model that I don’t have particularly while vacationing in new places.

My skill will never justify expensive yoyos but I have several that are very nice. I still enjoy them and maybe I will grow into them some day.

My favorite is still the RBC with the El Mijo a VERY close second or maybe co-favorite. My nicest to date is a Duncan Haymaker.


What did you buy?!?!?


Finally, somebody addressed the elephant in the room! :rofl:

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If you’re feeling bad about buying a yoyo that’s outside your skillset, don’t be.

I think whatever makes you throw more is the best yoyo for you, regardless of your skill or the yoyo’s price.,


My biggest weakness is every time it’s cold and I just keep sitting down wrapped up in a blanket thinking “oh, I’ll get up and practice or learn this new trick soon.”

Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 I don’t end up getting up and miss out on a lot of practice like this. I might be missing out on a lot of valuable practice time, but at least I’m comfy, sitting down wrapped up in a warm blanket :slightly_smiling_face:


Confession: My yoyo obsession once got so bad I cut open my mattress and replaced the stuffing with yoyos. I toughed it out for a few days, but the pain in my back got so bad I had to have a reckoning with myself. Now I only sleep with yoyos in my pillow.

Thanks and :yo-yo:Happy Throwing! :yo-yo:

P.S. - I love each and every one of you (maybe minus a couple of people).


I need to see a picture of the yoyo pillow

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Ok, but I need to figure out how to do it without getting banned. :wink:


I too am old and prefer traditional yoyos and seriously only own a total of 3 ball bearing yos. 2 of them are beginning Duncan types but one is a Tom Kuhn RD1 in cobalt blue that I purchased when they first released. I felt exactly like you did. To me it was way more $ than I could justify. But it has brought me immeasurable joy over the many years. Life is short and we’re worthy of it sometimes. Peace.


I purchased a Gamer Light (Space Invader).


Wise choice, but the gamer is for any skill set my friend. Enjoy it!

I wonder what tricks or skills qualifies one to ‘deserve’ a yo-yo? Is it pure skills-based? Or is it skills/time?

IMHO you ‘deserve’ the yo-yo you want and can afford. Go ahead and indulge; you have my permission :slight_smile:


This one time at band camp….

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Great choice and the best colorway.

My weakest moment was probably last May when YYF announced that they were making a Confusion Ti and started taking preorders…

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Qualifies for deserving - No doubt I can afford a $60 Yo-Yo. I just was using incentive to drive the purchase. I tend to be that way. Jokingly I posted as if somehow I might go to Yo-Yo Hell for my sins by circumventing my personal pact. Hey, I confessed so apparently I must be absolved! Purely in fun.

My first Yo-yo I did chores, etc to collect all my money to purchase that yo-yo. It took a lot of effort and persistence. Maybe that’s why I still have it so many decades later.

Deserving is what you make of it. “Joy is the Fruit of Appreciation.”

I already have another throw on my radar. I’ll post a picture when it arrives. Of course, I will stop the collecting before “the law of diminishing marginal utility” applies. Maybe another discussion sometime. look it up.

One thing I do appreciate is so many are keeping yo-yo alive and not a footnote in history. Everyone deserves credit for that.


My yoyo collection likely cost me upwards of $20,000 so far and I don’t sell.


I never sell either.

“I can stop anytime I want to. I just don’t want to…” Yeah, my name is Alvin and I have been a hobbyist and rabbit hole spelunker for over 20 yrs!


Hey it’s my forum-birthday today too! Time to assume the party position and then there will be cake.