Hey you.

Before you read this, I want to make sure that you understand one thing.
That goes for mods especially as at first glance, this post is going to seem pretty crazy bad.
I encourage you all to hold off before you reply to make sure you understand what I am doing here.

On that note.

I have a message for you, yes you, reading this.

Learn some real tricks.

Stop being such a little loser.

You’re not even that good.

Nobody likes you

Just get off the forums will you?

You’re so pathetic

I honestly want to strangle you right now

Your tricks are so fail bro

No originality at all

WHy do you even yoyo?

Just stop breathing

You don’t know that already? wow what a loser

Go die

Everyone hates you and wants you gone,

Dont bother making a review, nobody cares about your opinion

thats your opinion, too bad its wrong

you arent good enough

wow you look like a loser too

you fail at yoyoing

I hate you

You will never be a good yoyoer cause you look stupid

do you actually think you’re even somewhat decent? get real bro, you fail

you should quit now, you’re not doing anything good for yoyoers,

Kill yourself

you’ll never do well at a contest.

You didn’t deserve that placing cause the judges were just being nice cause you fail so bad and they felt sorry for a pathetic little loser like you

Just get out

Your style looks really bad, get style or go home.

you’re an idiot

You will never deserve a sponsorship

stupid kid

throw legit for once will you?

Make something new, you are soooo boring.



You see that list?

That list is compiled of things I have had said to me in my yoyo life, some of it, are things that were said to some of my other yoyo friends. And some of it, is stuff said from siblings, “friends”, and also from other sources like facebook and youtube.

Being a yoyoer in this online world, you’re going to come in contact with LOTS of comments like this.

And time and time again, you will feel hurt by people saying these things to you. Sometimes you may even get overwhelmed by it and feel very discouraged by it.

I just want to say that you gotta realize, that what people say sometimes, isn’t true about you at all.
People are cruel, its sad but true. And one thing we all have to learn in life is how to deal with the people that say these things. And ultimately, it takes ignoring them, which can be VERY difficult sometimes.
I remember many years ago, I received a hateful PM on a forum, from someone who basically said “You have no flow and originality at all, honestly, I don’t know why you yoyo, go take up something else cause you’re style is hurting our eyes.”
I was shocked, and it bothered me that someone would say that. And over the years, I have gotten tons and tons TONS of hateful comments made about me.

But you know, there was one thing I learned. I probably can’t make these comments stop, they will always be around, so Ill have to deal with them. Ignore them, but how can I just ignore them though? These things they say can hurt.

I placed the truth in front of me.
Ok, I know I have some legit tricks, and Im learning. Im obviously not a loser, I don’t “deserve to die”, I got tons of life left in me. The judges placed me there based on my true skill, anyone saying otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. etc.

The truth is? You aint a bad thrower. All of you are progressing and anyone who tries to tell you to stop? Buck them into a tree. Place the real truth in front of the hate comments you may get, cause what the truth is, is completely opposite of what hate comment posters are trying to make you believe.

You gotta realize, hate comment posters are just looking to get you to react, to get a rise out of you for their own personal satisfaction. You know the phrase “don’t feed the parasprites?” Exactly.

Sometimes ignoring these comments can be difficult. But as long as you know the truth about who you are, and your yoyoing. You wont have to worry about it.

I can tell you, you’re gonna get a TON of hate all over the yoyo and online world. Best learn to deal with it now.

I no longer let the hate people throw at me affect me.

When people call me out and hate on me, I just say “Haters gonna hate and Im freaking legit”. Cause I know that that is the truth.

Take that mind-set too.

Be legit.

Cause face it, you probably are.



damn, im trying to think of one time where someone told me to die it seem like you get it about once a day

I like this post, but again, I hate this post.

I like this post because you’re telling us to not give a care to the people full of negativity. I hate this post because, as of late, you’ve given off that vibe. It almost seems like you’re trying to play off what you’ve said before. I don’t appreciate that.

While you were raging about kids claiming to have a trick “down”, I was busy thinking about the day when you’d get a proper point across “down”.

No love lost Josh. You’re legitimate, but sometimes you just… gah.

EDIT: Josh, you’re a great yoyoer, but your online presence is sour.


agreed josh.

i deal(t) with that ALOT in school…

This ^. But I do love you josh, you are one of my inspirations. But some of what Patrick said was right. You’re still pretty legit. :slight_smile:

dont tell me how to play yoyo.

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this. Even though most of the time you are obviously sarcastic, sometimes, the stuff you say just makes me wonder why you are a Forum EXpert. There are little kids here, so sometimes, you just have to think before you act.

but yes, this post was very illuminating.

yea what they said… I am really not sure if josh is joking sometimes and that may just be me…but some times i feel like i did something wrong when he comments on some of my stuff…but still ever since i have been on here you have a been a leader and I think a lot of the younger yoyoers look up to you…so keep it that way…dont make them think bad of you…just my 2 cents

Haha, you guys are funny sometimes you know.

But anyways.

Keep your replies to the topic of the post, not my online actions that you perceive to be so.

Much love to all.



^what now. that just happened.

Haters gunna hate.

This thread sucks.

See what I did there?

It is not an insult if like you! lol

Hey you. I don’t need a pep-talk. Step back and realize someone else might have something to offer you. Not me. I’m gonna hate.

You do that then! Thanks for sharing!

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Wonderful speechish thing! All though i have never been insulted on my yoyoing, cause ive only been throwing for 10 months now, im sure it is bound to happen. And yes, hayters gonna hayte.

gotta love the hayters.

I’m pretty sure someone told josh to die.

So he went and dyed his hair.

and this raph, is why we love ya :wink: