Hey you.

Dude, you are epic, nothing more to it, and you know I don’t call many people legit besides myself but…
Yeah, you’re legit

What about me? :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

What about me?

To Jayyo and others, I got a couple of things to say. Whether you read it or not depends if it gets lost in the shuffle.

Been there, done that, except in my line of work. In my line of work, it’s fiercely competitive and I had to figuratively fight my way in and it wasn’t easy. Then, when I got in, it was a constant beat-down to try to knock me back out. When they saw I wasn’t leaving, they move onto the screw-job mode where you’re just a target soon to be a victim.

Now, this part is to Jayyo specifically: Seen a few of your videos. I liked them. I don’t give a crap what other people say. I was impressed, I know I’ll also never get that good, but still, makes me want to continue and keep going. The thought is “wow, if I can get some more practice time in, I can improve and maybe get that good where it looks easy and fun”. So, in those regards, keep it up.

I also get inspiration and motivation from other videos as well for same, similar or different reasons.

To everyone:
Some of us choose to do something that isn’t in the mainstream. Because it isn’t the “in” or “hot” or the stupid flavor of the moment fad, you’re gonna catch crap. Following trends and fads is an endless cycle of changing themselves. Seems a bit silly to me. But still, you’re not the “mainstream”, so people are gonna give you crap over it. You got choices. The best choice you can make is the one for your own happiness. Since we’re talking yoyo, then let’s keep it yoyo. If you enjoy yoyo, then keep it up. You can either live for the opinions of others, or you can live for yourself.

Me? I’m living for myself, or well, my family. I don’t give a crap about other people’s opinions. I’m constantly criticized for some of the things I do. I’m catching crao for yoyo now too. I collect coins, although I got that under control as it’s not a serious hobby. I like Disney trading pins and load up on my annual Disneyland trip. Of course, I build a lanyard that is my “trip memories” and I buy other stuff simply because I like it. I like to build models, but that’s stalled because I can’t find anything really cool these days, but I did find this series of Robitikits that are pretty fun and look cool. For my work, it’s something I enjoy. It’s also getting to the point where my clients are unable to simple take advantage of it without being blown away.

There’s a lot of negativity. I had to sort of walk away from the world I love to work in to quite literally keep myself alive AND happy. I got tired of looking over my back every second for someone to either try to kill me for my job position or screw me over. I say sort of because I decided I’m gonna do it on my own and do it my own way, be my own boss. Yeah, the money is less, the work is less, but the work is more satisfying and I can take credit for my own work and I still love what I do. My industry is extreme. Most things aren’t. And yet, people still try to screw me. I have people pretending to be me, and stinking up shows. Then I get nasty phone calls over it and have to explain that it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t my gear and not even people I know.

People like to be negative. People like to hate. We all suck. We all improve. If we want to be different, we catch crap.

At the same time, we have to counter the negativity. That means a change in mindset. I’ve been catching hell most of my life. I can’t change that. I chose many years ago to remove negativity from my life as much as possible. That’s meant severing contact with lots of people who bring me down. That meant a chain in how I behave. This may sound strange considering I still intend to be true to who I am and not be some faker. Overall, I think it’s working as I am quite happier overall. Of course, I can also thank yoyo for helping that, as it’s helped me break through some issues with depression. Yeah, a silly child’s toy is helping a fully grow man get over some mental health issues.

Who gives a crap of what other people say. Be true to yourself. Be happy. Don’t be hurtful to others. Just be a good person. Just don’t continue patterns of hate.

And not that it means anything, I look forward to future videos from Jayyo. Hell, I look forward to most of the videos people share.


About sums it up. I wish some people would just realize this and live life with a smile on their face.

Still at it eh Josh?..

I think Josh is just working some issues out in public. At long as he isn’t blatantly attacking anyone or anything, I’ll leave it to mod discretion. He at least seems to be taking a turn for the better now.

Yes still at it, whatever it may be, remember, cant stop a griffon cause we do what we do.

Thanks for the support Studio, always appreciate your post.


“go die” I get that alot >:(