See ya guys!

Well, i think It’s about time i quit yoyoing. I have been doing for a while again now, but i just have lost the desire to throw. I loved it a lot, it was one of my best hobbies, and i even won a contest :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support you guys have given, as it was what kept me going for as long as i did.

I’ll probably take it back up someday, but no idea how long that will be.


We’ll see you later!

I wish you good luck in your future endeavors! I know you’ll come back!

We’ll miss you!

Have fun in your future endeavors! Just remember to pick up a yoyo once in a while. ;D ;D :slight_smile:

Always keep at least one yoyo

Well this comes as a bit of a shock. We are sure going to miss your participation here on our forums. You are a greatly valued member and your input and opinions have been beneficial to all. I’m going to go along with Jack Bates and advise you to hang to at least some of your best throws. Who knows, as circumstances and situations change down the line you may find yourself wanting to jump back in the circle.

I wish all the best to you and your family in the days ahead John. You’ll be greatly missed.


Keep a few yoyos. You’ll be back. You may not want to, but you’ll be back. There’s no escaping the gravemind of the yoyo…

I stopped for over 10 years and here I am lol good luck bro

Hard to say goodbye. I recently got his Spyy Addiction as a Secret Santa gift. It will bring me good luck I’m sure. :frowning:

:’( :’(

bye, man. good luck with whatever it is you’ll be doing. maybe I’ll see you around here again.

See ya! :’(

But seriously, keep at least 5 yoyos, 2 being loopers, and a counter weight.

For example:
1 High Ender, youll never know how much theyll be worth in the future. Look at the peak!
1 Good plastic. Think Trigger or protostar
2 loopers. If your into that. Youll want to have them if you get the urge eventually
1 yoyo with sentimental value. Cmon, we all have one! ;D

Good luck, and good bye!

hope you enjoyed the time you had yoyoing. Also you never know you may get back into yo-yoing you never know. :wink: (keep a Yoyo you may get back into it you never know) I will miss you!

NO! Not JohnnyJ!

Oh well… Thank you for being apart of the forums! You were (and still are) one of our most valuable members here… your presence will be missed, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that. Thank you for helping everyone out while you were here!

Best of luck to you and your future endeavors, whatever they may be. And in regards to keeping your yoyos… keep all of them! Don’t sell off a single one, or delete your account haha (wanna keep that feedback up for later!) When you come back, if you do (I hope) you won’t regret selling them! And when and if you come back (I hope) we’ll all be here! Thanks again man, good luck to you!

-Spencer Reynen

Yup. I almost escaped…

take care… Im on a bit of a break myself… havent thrown seriously probably since march… but in the mean time I took up japanese which has been very fulfilling for me and as a yoyoing brother, I recommend perhaps taking a look at language learning… but still I come back here once in a while just to see whats going on. anyway, whatever you do ganbatte kudasai [good luck and do your best] were all rooting for you :wink:

Everytime a yoyoer leaves the hobby, a puppy dies.

keep that in mind.

Wow, harsh.

Not harsh, just true. There’s a direct correlation between the two.

Anyhow, good luck JohnnyJ! May you find something new and exciting!

Yoyoers can leave the hobby but yoyoing stays with you. One day just as the yo returns to the hand, you will feel a tug and find your way back to the yo. Many say “good-bye” when “see ya later” is more appropriate. :wink:

Enjoy your break but don’t forget you’re always welcome here.

:’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

<:( you’ll throw when your bored one day and to make sure that happens keep your prize possession on a desk or table you see everyday.