Good bye everyone

Thanks to everyone who has inspired me to yo-yo:ken Lui,edition yo-yo,dnellh,louiminade, markmont,all of yotricks team,Ethan wong,Ricardo fraolini,yo-yo factory. Zach gormley( reason I got into yo-yo) Ben conde. Evan nagao, andre.So many people who inspired me and it was fun. I was slowly dwindling in my enjoyment of yo-yo and now due to life reasons I have to slim down on some activities and yo-yos made it on the list. I don’t know if anyone one of the people listed will ever see this but thank you. The journey ends here.


You’ll be back.

They all come back.

Seriously though, you might want to keep one or two in a drawer somewhere, just in case you get the urge…



Best of luck on your way down whatever avenue life is taking you. I’ve said similar things in the past, but like @craZivn said, I came back. And that’s one of the best parts of yoyoing - you’re never done, you can always grab a yoyo and pick up right back where you left off. Not to get all cliche/philosophical/meta, but yoyoing mirrors both life and yoyoing itself - sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Sometimes you’re into yoyo, sometimes you’re not. Continuing what Ivan said, sometimes all it takes to get back into it is finding that yoyo you left in your drawer a couple years back and tossing it around again. See you around my friend!


Been there, done that. As of now, glad to be back after nearly a decade.

Take care buddy and see you again hopefully!


I feel like yoyoing is a hobby you don’t have to quit. Just have one around for when you’re bored. I feel the forums and everything else involving YoYos is a completely different hobby altogether in a way… in that case I feel everyone comes and goes as it should be. That said good vibes your way good sir!


And another one bites the dust… :wink:


Well, it doesn’t really matter anyways… He was never one of us. We never liked him. He wasn’t any good. Basically a loser. We let him hang around for nuisance value. We always knew he was a quitter. He was too lazy to practice and now he is tanking on us. He’s not the last failure to drop out of yoyoing. He may have other things to do and good riddens.

He may think he is having fun minus yo-yos. But even if he lives to be 125, without us, he is gonna die alone. And he will die screaming.

But nobody will hear him…….


Come back soon yoyogameboy…. We will miss you.


So true. Been throwing off and on all my life


:rofl::rofl: this was entertaining