I quit

So i quit yoyoing because it is not fun anymore


Not fun anymore? Are you kidding? They have never been fun. Yoyos suck.

I quit.

Everybody should.

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k… well… i wouldn’t quite so hastily. Yoyoing isn’t always exiting. Sometimes you hit a bump, or you work on a trick so much it’s boring… it has it’s ups and downs. If your work through the hard times it will probably be fun again. I suggest you take a break befor selling all your yoyos, and and maybe come back to it in a month.

Can I have all your yo-yos then, please?

omg ur just a bit tired of yoyoing :stuck_out_tongue: just put away your yoyos and in a months time start over
anyway i wish the best of luck with your life and yeah…

you’ll come back, what’s your new hobby

Yoyoing is much like a yo-yo. It has it’s ups and downs.

Yeah, I’m with you on that. Its all swings and roundabouts, so no need to get strung out about anything…

Complaints to the usual address…

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Nice to no you, cya bro. Oh and this goes in the general post area, not in the review section rofl.

k whatever just one thing you dont need to tell everyone your quitting. if your sure thats your choice go ahead and do it. on the other hand if your asking for help and want some to encourage you to stay say that and we might be able to help you.

i don’t know, i like to know who is quiting and such.

Bye! Don’t come back! ;D

aaaand buh bye

No need to quit for good. Have a rest from it, and if you feel like coming back to it later, you can. If you dont, then so be it. There is no point in forcing something if you are losing a passion for it, or were never into it in the first place.

And I dont really want all your yo-yo’s…Keep em in a box for a few years, they may well make you smile when you find them again…

Either one had sub-100 posts. My assumption is, they tried it, experiemented, and moved on. I did that a lot before I found this.

I’ll give those yoyos a good home, though, if anyone should quit…

Ok, you got your attention, now go back to doing what ever you do.

Be nice everyone, you’re addressing an 11 year old. Like mrbear said, if you’re frustrated, give yoyoing a break and come back to it. If you’re not having fun, it’s best to step back for a bit and come back when you can enjoy it.

Ok bye! Thanks for posting this in the right section… Even though I never knew you I will pretend to miss you… :stuck_out_tongue: No I’m just kidding. But do feel free to come back to yoyoing whenever you want! Please do come back to it when you can enjoy it! :wink:

~James Reed!