My official "I'm quiting thread"...

I’m not sure if any of you remember me, but I’ve had a good year or so on these forums, lately with school being busy and football starting up, and just other hobbies that I now like more than yoyoing, like starcraft 2 being realesed today lol. Thanks for the support I guess even though I never made a video… And check the BST threads as I will be selling my stuff soon. Thanks again guys and happy yoyoing!

hate to see you go, but go do what makes you happy. Farewell :smiley:

i don’t know how to respond to this.
you quit, but you still share some joy, i guess.
well, it’s nice to know that yoyo has made some part of your life history. even though you like other things more now.

happy trails pal.

you know… it really is too bad that yo-yoing is the kind of thing that you have to quit publicly someday and are no longer allowed to go back to. you know, like a harmonica is small and you can just have it in your pocket or use it as a paperweight and if you want to play harmonica sometime, months later, you’re allowed to… but yo-yoing is totally different. you have to dedicate your WHOLE LIFE to it, and when any other sort of hobby or relationship intrudes and you can’t practice ALL THE TIME… you’re morally obligated to give it up entirely and sell all your yo-yo’s. and again, unlike harmonicas (which have only crappy 1996-style bbs forums that you don’t have to join), with yo-yoing everyone knows that if you don’t log a consistent 20 hours/week on the boards and spend a minimum of $1000/year on toys and another grand on contests/travel, you aren’t a real yo-yoer.

… sigh… it really is too bad. if only you could just, you know, hang on to one yo-yo and play with it sometimes when/if you feel like it… HA! what a totally ludicrous concept!

[/sarcasm] <----- hope that wasn’t necessary.


Like Ed said (or suggested), hold on to your yoyos. Months from now you’ll get the urge to throw and then you’ll regret having sold all your yoyos. If you have several, keep a crucial 2 or 3 and sell the rest. I’ve gone nearly a year without picking up a yoyo but I was always glad that they were there when I was ready to start throwing again.

u should hold onto ur yoyos like ed said i quit for a year and then started yoyoing again

In my opinion, the only reason people make threads like these is for attention.

“No, don’t go! You’ll be missed”

Of course, it is nice to know when a large member is leaving the community, such as Apetrunk or Mrcnja, but otherwise, it’s an attention things.

Neva stops.


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Wait, what? Suddenly your post doesn’t make any sense.

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Wow (Q), maybe I read your post wrong, but it sounded like you basically said screw off. But whatever, and don’t worry Ed, I plan on hanging on to my favorite yoyo. I just kind of feel like yoyoing is the kind of hobby that if you only practice for a just a little bit, you never get any good. Just the way I felt like. But peace to all, and keep throwing unlike me.

Not exactly how I meant it.

I mean, if I were to stop yoyoing and leave the forums. My B/S/T goes up, I give people a number to call me at and my email, and then leave. They won’t miss me.

But take the message you want out of it. :slight_smile:

Keep a throw because you will be back when you are older…trust me! I stopped as a teenager but still kept one of my old wooden throws. Now that I physically can’t do the things that I used to then, I’ve turned back to Yo’n. Now I look back and wished I never stopped because I’m sure I would be crap loads better than I am now. Also, in Q’s defense, there are a lot of youngn’s that look for “attention” in life, but I’m sure you were just venting and not looking for attention. Either way, whatever you do, good luck with it.