im done...

ive pretty much quit throwing so im just sayin my good byes
thanks to everyone on yye for all yall have done to help me and the people ive helped, i truly will miss yye somewhere down the line, check out my final bst and get the 2 throwns i got up for trade, im a official video game now, add me on xbl if you wish GT: OG Redneck

i guess good bye now

yeah… I’m slowly getting to that point. I’m a huge gamer too. I know this is your choice, but I’d say keep one yoyo… it may end up creeping up on ya. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll see ya around for now then.

im keeping all my metals though, i refuse to sell them

You can’t quit, even if you really wanted to. It sounds corny, but it’s true. You’ll go to a birthday party and see a little kid playing with a yoyo and ask to try it; then bust out with some super-crazy-whippy-thing.

So you can’t really quit completely. You’ll pick up a yoyo again.

Well, have a nice time. Enjoy…

Games? Really? So that is really what you want to do with your time? All of it? Play games??? Ok. Have a fun life.


Hey man, ive been there i didnt pick up a yoyo for over a year. but im back and loving it just as much as i did. But yeah it just happens. youll be back.

I’ll be waiting for you! I can easily recognize you by the hubstacked protostar.

Oh well, you’ll get back to yoyoing.

he’ll be back… they always come back…

Bye, have fun gaming.

own some noobs for us :’(

See you on the forums again in a few months. :slight_smile:

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They always come back, including me :smiley:

I quit also. I wuit yesterday. and guess what… IM BACK! lol. (i didnt yoyo yesterday cuz o’ field trip up state) so, i quit for a full day. it was like… TORTURE. i willl see you back in a few weeks kay?

Hey guys, leave him alone. He’s not coming back, he said so. It’s not even possible for him to do so. Did you even look at the post?! He’s an official video game now. He’s not even human. yoyo jake is long gone.

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Try losing your only yoyo until the last 2 weeks of summer :stuck_out_tongue:

u can never quit ur practically taking a break u will come upon yoyoing one day

If he quited he quited and if he comes back he comes back.

He may be off the forums, but you can’t say you quit when you still have a metal. He may not throw regularly, and I must admit I have my moments where I think about leaving the forums, but you really never quit throwing when you own atleast one throw.

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