im quitting

you guys probally dont care but im done throwing

Why? What made you?


Although I haven’t been on much to know you enough, why? ???

Dont quit throwing, merely take a break and then go back to it.
You need a good valid reason on why your quitting.
Don’t give up so easily~


Is something happend?

Of course we care…
Why are you quitting??

Can you reply to any of us we do care?! ???

For one, I think that evryone on the YYE forum would care if another quit. THe whole community is a large family! What is your reasoning for quitting, as if the question hasn’t been asked enough! We all want to know, and I’m sure that if there’s anything we can do, we will do it!! Right guys?



of course

Don’t know you enough to care because you’ve only made like 40 something posts and have been on the forum for like two months

And I think that this thread is pointless.

If you are really going to quit there is really no reason for you to let us know.

dude if you dont have anything nice dont say it at all

Don’t quit.
If you want to stop throwing, just take a break.
I know someone who said he “Quit yoyoing” and now he’s a teacher at the school yoyo club.

tyler severance… you guys know what i mean :wink:

I actually agree, it’s not being mean but this thread is actually pointless. 90% of the time people who make these kind of threads just want people to tell him not to or wants to get more attention. I don’t wan you to quit but there was realy no need to make this thread.

Im on both sides of the debate
-Dont know you, but sorry youre quitting, dont sell them yo’s yet, you may regret it later.
-On the other hand, whats the point of making a thread because if you’re quitting then you won’t be coming back to the forums?
Have fun with what you do man, you may want to come back and we shall welcome you with open arms and keyboards.

Why are you quitting because of Tyler Severance?

Oh, I’m on page 2