I quit

oh, come on samad my friend.
please, take him make his leave.
i’ll be waiting to say “welocme back”

Guys, I’m not being mean, I’m stating the truth. If your just gonna say “Oh, yoyoing is not fun, I quit” with no reason to further explain why then it is truly just a post to get attention.

And if they want to do that, theyn should get met with a big wall of not caring

Its completely stupid to make a thread about quitting, If you have made up your mind about quiting then why would you make a post saying that you don’t like yoyos? Like your opinion is going to benefit any of us at all?
I agree With Hensuke, its about attention, a weak form of flamery.
So i say, see ya, dont come back to yoyoing, id rather not see you post any more junk like this.
Don’t let the virtual door hit you on the way out.

Almost forgot…


Mmmk. OKBORINGwow.

yoyoing not fun? that’s a new one. well to each his own i guess :slight_smile: about 16 years ago i quit playing video games because theyre not fun, and a complete waste of time. maybe it’s something like that? in hindsight the true reason i quit playing video games is because im not any good at them :wink:

I thought I locked this already…

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