Response to "you like yoyos yes"

While typing this response, the thread was deleted.

hadoq: 24332 characters, 9 pages.

studio42: nearly 13k characters, 6 pages.

Coulda sworn 20k was max…

Anyways, i agree with the two of you. Josh is murdering his image, but if thats what he will do, its his choice. I personally encourage him to wisen up and calm down. However, if you look at his “HAY YOU” thread from a while ago, he shows WHY he snaps. I am personally trying to remain neutral on this issue. Also, can he have less “jayyo hate” threads? I know he starts them, but still, can we stop responding? I mean, he IS kind of trolling. However, on the otherhand, he is really a nice guy in real life. Honestly.

Josh: I think you really should at least ATTEMPT to be a “Forum eXpert” in all ways. I mean, a nice sarcastic reply is what we all live for, but at least say “loljk this is what you REALLY should do.” I saw a reply earlier today “Protostar is better. End of discussion” Could you explain? and be a little less gruff?

To everyone: CALM DOWN He is a sarcastic guy. I DO admit, he does take things to far. Just learn to tolerate him a bit more and not freak out about every post.

Josh: I didnt put this on skype for a reason. I feel it may be more helpful to put it on the forums.

All we need to take from that thread is/was:

Remeber: yoyo is fun. Have fun.


Yes, the hard limit per post is 20K characters. I learned the hard way.

And please, I’m only mentioning because it is annoying me, if people wouldn’t mind tacking those two numbers after my handle, I would appreciate it. Thanks! I know it’s not intentional and no disrespect was intended. It’s just been my “brand” and my ID since 1992. That stuff has been bothering me a while so I felt it best to just come out and say it where there was an example of it.

Carl knows I have respect for him and I know Carl respects me. It’s all good.

But back to the thread:
We have to realize that this is a very flat medium, and there’s a lot that can be “lost in the translation” of text only. That’s why I work so hard to choose my words carefully to ensure exactly what I say is exactly what I mean and delivered the way I want it delivered. I can’t guarantee 100% response, but I don’t want to get bogged down speaking legalese just to make a web forum posting.

So, less time hating, less time arguing, more time throwing. Life’s too short to waste. Trust me on that!

sigh* people can’t drop it can they.

Oh well.

I just like yoyoing you all. And I couldn’t care less what people think of my forum ways. I honestly don’t care.

I just know that I love yoyoing, creating stuff, and just being who I am. If people have a problem with that, ignore it.

I don’t change for anyone. I live how I want.

Go back to making tricks and having fun with yoyos everyone.

Im out.


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oops. my keyboard sometimes wont register keystrokes, and i missed that bit.

Carl, you and I never have issues. It’s all good.

For me as well, the original thread was deleted while I was typing a response. Perhaps too much has been said already here and my ramblings are unnecessary. If so, please forgive the following;

Jayyo’s original post stated;
"Why so serious?

Make it fun.


I’m a little confused. Earlier I posted in jest on a different thread how we run down various bunny trails on these forums and end up in a completely different place than we started from. Now I wish to briefly weigh in here because it seems we truly have ended up in the wrong spot from Josh’s original intended destination in this thread. How did we get from Jayyo urging everyone to not take the sport so seriously and just have fun to these lengthy posts which seem to heap vitriolic fury on his head. Did I miss something here? It seems to me much of the posts on the first thread are in violation of the very spirit Josh was urging us to take up in his original post. Why so serious, let’s just make it fun.

Has Josh posted some things here in recent weeks which I thought were unnecessarily harsh at times. I would have to confess, yes, I think so. Especially for one whose signature proclaims; “I am a proud follower of Christ…” If we choose to wear our profession of faith so conspicuously on our sleeve we must be careful ALL our speech is spoken to honor and glorify Him. That is matter between Josh and His Saviour, not between Josh and us.

On the other hand some of what I have read this evening had an adamant acrimonious flavor which exceeded the virulent spirit he has been accused of or is guilty of. I carry no quarter for Josh, I don’t know the guy. If you have a serious offense with him might I suggest it be dealt with it through private messaging and not throw wounding darts and stones in this public forum.

Let’s not allow our reactions exceed the energy of the original actions and their honest intentions.

People now REALLY dislike josh because of his harsh replies as of late. and therefore think it is necessary to make a rude reply to all of his posts.

I disagree. It’s too easy to “fight fire with fire” or “reply to rude with rude”. I’m not trying to play some sort of morality card, but I feel that we should all try to “take the high road”.

I’d comment more but I’m tired and I wore my fingers out earlier.

I’m here to have fun. I throw yoyo to have fun. I refuse to let anyone here drag me down, because I’m having too much fun with yoyos.

People now REALLY dislike josh because of his harsh replies as of late. and therefore think it is necessary to make a rude reply to all of his posts.
I understand. I have to ask myself this question, is Josh now or has he been a valuable contributor and friend to this community? If so let’s continue to address him as a friend. Friendships can become strained and at times can be fractured. Again, I don’t know Josh and he is not a friend of mine. He’s not my enemy either. He is a fellow participant in this community and a valued one at that. My hope is to temper this topic with some reasonable charitable tolerance.

May I never be accuse anyone of failing to be my friend without demonstrating first they have a friend in me.

look around 2009 i think. back in 2009, it was a great place round here…

Is Jayyo a 13 yr old kid? I really don’t know. I would understand the foolhardiness.


I checked. He’s 19. Still somewhat understandable.

Of course he has made a contribution to the community. I assume that’s why all of this is tolerated.

However, I’m up for more discussions on yoyo’s and other interesting topics! Jayyo topics are kind of old news and rather…well…a waste of energy. Nothing is going to change unless he decides to, or the higher powers decide to do something more drastic about it. That’s out of our hands on both accounts. Maybe we should talk about studio or carl or… This is starting to feel like an old ladies quilting club! ::slight_smile:

Yes, I have and like yoyos and I throw simply to have fun!!

I wonder how special Jayyo feels to have a topic based upon discussing him XD I for one will stay out of it (besides posting this of course), but I can’t help but to be upset at apt2throw’s response. Just because i’m not 30 doesn’t mean i’m immature. Maturity is based off of experience, psychological background, upbringing, and other cognitive features; it is not based off of age.

People don’t drop it because you don’t give them enough time to simmer down before you start another pointless thread.

You’re the guy at the party who’ll never shut up and instigates, comparatively speaking. You might be a great guy at home, but at this party, right now, right here, you’re being a jerk and that’s where we get our impression of you.

You might be “doing your own thing” and “being your own man”, but that doesn’t mean you get respect.

I’m sure the community (at least online, here) would appreciate it if you calmed down a little bit and stop trying to give your threads a “pow” factor, so to speak.


AWESOME. So I post a thread about stop Jayyo hate, and Jayyo calm down, and it turns into a Jayyo hate. Why do you people have to be so intolerant!

I’m locking this thread now before yall go farther.