Yo-Yo Ethics

Because yo-yos are such a niche market saturated with small businesses, I think some people worry that their favorite company won’t make it, and they want to do anything they can to support and help their favorite company stick around, and do well, and keep making more and better yo-yos.

That is a good thing! But, please, don’t make it about bashing other companies, yo-yos, or people.

I think sometimes people say bad things about yo-yos or companies for their own “personal agenda.”

But, if that doesn’t matter to some people, consider this… When we do this, it makes us all look bad. We have newcomers all the time, I think yo-yo is growing, and with the yo-yo and kendama world mixing it up recently, I bet even more people are checking us out lately.

I know if I was checking out a community for the first time and saw this, I would be less inclined to be part of it. When I did first discover the community a few years ago, for me, it was all kindness, generousity, and welcoming. I really hope that sticks.

I know the yo-yo community is made up of people, and everybody in the world just doesn’t get along, even if they both throw yo-yos. But, we can try to support civility.

In the long run, I truly believe it is better for all of us, and for every company. Everybody looks good, and the community/yo-yoing grows.

This thread is not meant to point or shake fingers at anyone. Please, keep it civil.

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well said.

Excellent post!! I feel the exact same way as you do on this!!

Hey, thanks for the lecture.

What I DO NOT like are people who attempt to project their sense of “civility” on others. Just what is “civil”? Is this some arbitrary line that you and Miss Manners have drawn, or will draw in the sand? Who is to be the arbiter of “civility”.

This is just the same thing as “outrage”. What the heck is “outrage” anyway? I understand love. I understand hate …but outrage? What is that? Outrage is simply code for religious or social intolerance. “Civility” is a close second. Get off your horse. You are no better than others; and pointing out the perceived faults of others does not elevate you above them it just makes you look childish.

Sorry you were offended. I don’t think I’m better than anybody.

I wish you health and happiness.


Sorry if I offended anyone else.

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Yup, let’s all try to support the yotricks civility.

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THIS is childish, YoyoGeezer.
So you’re upset that someone is asking for people to be nice?
Well, no one’s going to tell YOU what to do… ::slight_smile:
What’s funny is that this is exactly what the OP was talking about. And I agree with homba. It wouldn’t kill someone to hold their tongue once in a while. The phrase “it’s just my opinion” has been used all too often to cover up what is, for all intents and purposes, just a rude comment. Please stop posturing like your rights are somehow violated because there’s a call for some kindness and dare I say, civility in our tiny little corner of the world. Please?


I hate Yoyofactory.

Just Kidding

Trick, Swerve

I feel like these threads are important, but should be locked. Everyone should read it, but once people start commenting on it, it turns into an argument.

The assertion that people bash companies, yoyos, or people because they want other specific companies or yoyos to succeed is somewhat different than a simple “be excellent to each other” post.

But whatever, still not a bad message, especially the part about being cool to new throwers.

I’m a little shocked at yoyogeezer’s comment.


Are you saying we should be able to say whatever we want without any regard for the feelings of others? Now, I do think that sometimes we have to state what we believe is right and perhaps offend people sometimes, but I think an issue like that has arisen maybe once during the year I’ve been part of this forum. I mean seriously, this is a YOYO forum. We need to at least TRY to be nice and civil.

I like what Homba is trying to to do but I also see Geezers point… you cant really control what people do or say. When someone says something you don’t like… you will say something.

A post like this… opted Geezer to say something … which in turn caused other people to say things about him… LOL

The MODS will decide on the Forums about whats appropriate or not.

We are all people and we all have opinions and as long as you RESPECT your fellow thrower and ACCEPT that someone out there will have a totally different opinion, you should be fine. Don’t let it get to you.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt me).”

VERY well said.

I was attracted to this forum and not YYN because of the “family” kind of feeling here. I would hate to see that go away… especially if someone is a newbie here and is met by overly sarcastic attitudes or whatnot…

I guess just follow the golden rule…

I like to read raw constructive criticism. I do not like to see personal attacks that are condescending, for the sake of… being condescending or attacking good intentions for no good reason. I like homba’s post, but at the same time, I don’t think we all need to sing Kumbaya. Arguments keep the forum a little spicy. :wink:

As for the reason this thread was created (I believe) was because of the Ricochet thread. That thread seemed like it was chock-full of biased and venomous attacks on a company, not the yoyo. When I sense ulterior motives behind criticism, I’ll immediately disregard said criticism.

I judge yoyo’s, based on the yoyo itself, not the company. In capitalism, we vote with our $$. No purchase == No vote. If a good company makes a bad yoyo, they will get a clear message that it’s a bad yoyo if no one buys it.

It seems pretty “in vogue” to hate on YYF, and I have no idea why. I think it’ll only divide the already tiny yoyo community. They promote their brand in a way that might insult some ppl, but the side effect we all benefit from is that they are also promoting yo-yoing! I’d love to have more people get into yo-yoing, for which I have some much enthusiasm for, then I would feel I have more things in common with them, more to talk about, new friends, etc… :slight_smile:

Sorry, I went a little off-topic there.


yeah the ricochet thread was a mess… but a bit more controlled now lol.

maybe channeling some constructive criticism instead of complaining would be better…

My idea on why yoyofactory gets all the flack that it does is that they try to appeal to everyone which doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.

It wasn’t all hugs and rainbows a few years ago… maybe you (OP) didn’t notice the drama because you were new.