You are only as good...

As you say you are.

Those who learn to speak greatly of themselves, not only do so for the feeling of confidence, but through continued reassurance, one gains confidence in their abilities, thus allowing them to grow further beyond their latter points. For some, getting over the proverbial “plateau” could simply be resolved by a minor shift in thinking and mind-set.

Nobody is necessarily a “bad yoyoer”, while at the same time, I would like to present the idea that there are no “good” yoyoers either.
But the aiming of reaching the level of “good” is something that one can strive for, although never to obtain. This is not a negative or absurd goal however, as it is for the benefit of the changing of the inner soul and mind-set, as well as realizing one’s worth and identifiable skill set of the essence of the balance within.

Tell yourself you are good, believe you are good. You may not be good, but you are not bad, you are a yoyoer, and with that, you are what you are to be from where you were from to where you are now for what the future holds.

Believe in yourself, and aim high, have fun, don’t be discouraged, and live on, expressing your spirit through the motions of life, and the objects we use to conjure.




Haru, I think I get some of what you’re selling here, and I don’t disagree with it. I just wish sometimes that the unnecessary and nonsensical phrases could be trimmed so that I could be sure of it all. :wink:

I apologize if you found some of my wording to be difficult to understand, and I do truly attempt to present my wordings in a way others can at least somewhat grasp, but I do not consider anything I say to be “nonsensical.”

I suppose in an attempt to bring the wording into a summary of what I was trying to say, while not completely saying everything: Don’t think of yourself as being bad, think of yourself as good and change your mind-set to fit that. While there may never be such a thing as a truly “good” yoyoer, aiming for the reality of “good” while not a reality, is not a meaningless goal.

That leaves out some crucial other aspects I wanted to get across, but the gist of it is within.


Very well said… nobody is bad, because you can always be worse, nobody is really good because you can always do better, but even so we must have confidence in ourselves and strive to be better, to reach perfection, even though it is physically impossible…

Gotta say, this boosted my confidence a bit, nicely said :slight_smile:

A lack of self confidence is a terrible thing, but if you’re too full of yourself, that’s worse.

If U talkin like u all dat be shur dat u can bak it up wen im commin thru.
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I am fairly confident I am not a good yoyo’er.

Do I care?

No, I don’t care.

I’m too busy enjoying my crappy skills and working hard to get better. I really don’t care what other people think. I’m not in this to have other people shove their opinions on my ability down my throat. I’m happy making slow progress, or sometimes fast progress. I AM progressing, and that’s all I’m concerned with.

I’m all for believing in yourself, staying the course, taking pride in what you accomplish, but there’s no way I’m going to lie to myself. People are going to see right through that and to be honest that can cause you a lot of problems. I’ve seen people that feel they can do no wrong acting on that exact premise.

Besides, how can you chart a course for growth when you can’t even be honest about where you are at?

Telling yourself that you are great doesn’t make it so.

Practice, set goals, believe that you can do it, enjoy the journey, stay the course, celebrate your achievements, applaude your persistance, rise to the challenge, reach for your dreams; this I can support. (Which might be what you’re implying, but the whole “speak of yourself greatly” is throwing me a bit) ::slight_smile:

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DANG IT! I just got journeyrolled.  >:(

I’m pretty sure that Hiroyuki Suzuki is a good yoyoer…

That guy? Nah! We’re all better than he is…


You know, we are all amazing yoyoers according to the rest of the population not on this website…

Whenever I need a good boost of self-esteem, I just go down to Starbucks and throw. I get plenty of compliments there.


I say I’m as good as Jensen, but im not.

Am I missing something here?

Yeah, he never said anything about comparing yourself to anyone. So you probably missed/ignored the whole original post, which seems to be a trend with you

I read the thread title, and the first part where he said “YA LOSERS R ONLY AS GUD AS YA SAY YA ER” and I was like "Well if I say I’m as good as Jensen then, according to Jayyo logic, I am that good.

Or let’s rephrase the part where I say “Jensen” and say “Getting 100.0 points at every contest” so that I’m not comparing myself to someone.

Am I still missing something? I mean, you’d think that all you’d have to read is the title (The part where it says what the thread is mainly about) and then a little bit into the first paragraph to get what it’s all about.

To me, this thread makes 0 sense. Don’t know about people who meditate with yoyos and candles and stuff, but to an average Joe yoyoer it makes no sense.

Ladies and gentleman, i present to you; Nemyo “logic”.

What’s interesting to me is both you and robbie g like to use that ad hominem style “her der” bull to blatantly disrespect people. Who do you both represent? Square wheels? Thanks for ruining that companies chance of ever getting any of my money

Wise words…

Wait, so youre saying that because this makes 0 sense to me, that you wont buy a certain company’s throw?

Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you SkyHighYo “logic”

Now please skyhigh, just cause we disagree here doesnt mean we have to take jabs at each other. I actually quite like you and your posts, but Josh’s posts honestly just dont make any sense at all to me. Sure, have confidence, but youre only as good as you say you are? Alrighty then. Sure. If it makes you feel better aboot yourself go right ahead and say youre fantastic. Brilliant. Wonderful. SmoothasHECK.

And I would like to point out that even though you are a GenYo fanboy, I will still buy their product.