K guys

I’m quitting the forums.

I’ll post my videos and maybe occasionally post, but I need to use my time practicing Yo and doing the schoolzwork.

If you wanna contact me just PM me on here or YouTube.

See ya YYE trolls who are honestly one of the main reasons I’m leaving, you guys are the best

I’ll miss you buddy… :’(

Well bye you will be missed


Bye, we will miss you!:cry:

People that make these threads are attention whores…quite sad actually. Making a huge announcement that your leaving isn’t necessary. I’m sure someone probably would have notice your absence. Not trying to be mean but it seems like everyone who decides to take a “break” from the forums makes these threads expecting people to weep over them leaving.



bipolar much?

I understand why you’re leaving. good luck with everything. I might leave too…


Chillax man… but see ya round nemyo!

Don’t let the door hit ya…


Nah, not really.

YYE? trolls? naw!

Noooooo! Not another yoyoer leaving this can’t happen! First studio and now nemyo! No this cant happen! I will miss you nemyo! ;( I can’t believe this is happening…

Lexos too.

FYI, he’s on weekly…

there not leaving just taking a break from the forums

Don’t forget Q, Jayyo, Banjospins, and JhonnyJ.

And suddenly my life became completely shattered with the absence of Nemyo…JK laterz Mafia man.