Who should the next Forum eXpert be?


Who do you think should be granted Forum eXpert-hood (LOL)?

I must say…I really do think that I deserve this honor…LOL, JK JK JK.

Anyway, I certainly believe that TotalArtist would be an awesome Forum eXpert! Anybody agree?

Who else do you think should receive this title?


Ugggh, thus thread again. YYE will announce one when they feel it necessary. I do agree however, that ToatalArtist is the clear choice for the next Forum Expert. Her posts are informative, helpful, and well thought out. There are a few people that are good candidates, so if I left you out, sorry! :slight_smile:


What do you mean by “again”? Have there been a lot of them?

When do you think YYE feels like giving someone Forum eXpert status?

Is TotalArtist a girl? You said “her posts are…”.


I agree. Totalartist would be good, big cat wouldn’t be to bad either :wink:


Yes TA is a girl… I have met her many a time…

Actually she is a woman… hehe :slight_smile:


Total artist is a girl!?!?!? :o



Yup and in her 30’s… So that would make her a woman… :slight_smile:


Well…thank you guys but I don’t think Forum Expert is really me. I like to be able to say what I mean and mean what I say, and I’m still learning yo-yo with the rest of you. But, if you ever want to know what I think…I will always oblige :smiley: I think there are enough Forum Experts actually. Everyone has their role to play here, and I’m happy to know that you guys enjoy the posts. I enjoy reading the forum, and your posts as well. I’m always in here reading what you guys have to say. I’m always thoroughly entertained and learn something new daily.

Thank you. Very kind of you indeed. It’s nice to feel appreciated, that’s for sure :-[ You guys are the best.



I call him old every chance I get…I’m 4 months younger than he is. :stuck_out_tongue: At my age…every bit counts!!

(Jei Cheetah) #10

Many can try, but none wil ever be able to reach the absolute fabulousness that I as an eXpert have obtained and maintained.
But in all honesty here, I say we promote Commander Kay to eXpert!



There’s so many who should be experts it would be unfair to the people who aren’t forum experts.


No need to make people feel bad bro.


He was just joking. Josh isn’t the type of guy who thinks he’s better than everyone, how do you think he got Forum expert? :slight_smile:


GregP, Total Artist and SR are the top 3 candidates in my book for it.

(SR) #15

If TotalArtist doesn’t get the next one I’m leaving the forums hahahaha

But for real, she deserves it. She’s the most helpful one here next to Studio.



(Jei Cheetah) #17

C’mon y’all commander Kay

(Q) #18



Well, if I ever was a Forum Expert, I’d pass the torch to you…

But we’re going to have a tug of war over the gift certificate that comes with it. :smiley: You know I’m not one for a pat on the back, but that gift certificate is a whole other story. I’m not into titles…but I’m very into gift certificates. Remember…there’s an ounce of truth in every joke. :smiley: But seriously…

Thanks SR. Means a lot. :wink:


Soon as I saw this I was thinking TotalArtist deserves this! (even if you do just want the gift card :wink: )