Announcement of Forum eXperts!

I hope July eXpert is Xdohl and August is Paolo. I also hope that JM is made into an instant mod.

Awesome! So André is gonna announce the eXperts to the eXperts! Anyone’s game!

Andre is on right now, and looking at this topic… I wonder why? To announce the new experts maybe? Yes.

How can you tell he is looking at this topic?

8)awesome good luck to everyone…

I hope to make it expert some day…

Mod at Onedrop Forums
King at YYN forums
and now YYE eXpert???

Mega uber 1337

then dont give up if you conttinue to help people and give videos to those who need them one day you can be an eXpert

Yeah but it doesn’t say he’s posting here yet!

I am Anxious! I think It Is Apertrunk and JM
and since, Andre is looking at this… Hi Andre


wow, relax guys. Lol.

Yeah, I’m not sure why I’m so excited because I know it’s not me. It won’t be me for a while, I don’t feel like my posts help enough.

It said he was viewing the forum eXpert thread.

C’mon André… say its JM… Or else I’m purchasing a one-way ticket to MA :stuck_out_tongue:

Now he’s sending a message! Wow, I feel like I’m stalking him.

EDIT: I had a new message, and I saw that it was from Yoyoexpert! My heart skipped a beat, seriously! But then it was just info on MAR. Wow.

Now he’s viewing his messages. I am a stalker, lol.

I just got a new message but it wasnt form Andre :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what he’s doing without looking at this…

Can anyone tell me what is going on right now?

Someone is about to be named eXpert and then he/she will celebrate by dancing in a tub with a chicken hat on while eating crab cakes.