Guide for the Guest's and New Users.

This is a guide of what we do around here for the guests.

Guest’s: If any guests are reading this, thanks for looking at YoYoExpert. If you really like the site, come and join the fun! This is an awesome site. I’m going to tell you what we do around here!

Thursday: We have a Chat Night once a month on Thursday night. I think it’s 8:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern time. André Boulay, the yo-yo pro, and site creator, asks us questions in the chat room. You can go to the chat room by scrolling up and there is a button in the forum navigation that says “CHAT”. Just click and you’re in! Well, André Boulay asks us questions and we answer. If you get it right, you get a point. The people that scored are in the 2nd round. Some people with 1 or 2 points are in, but the people with no points are out. If you get in the the second round, André will ask more questions. The user with the most correct answers will win a yo-yo that André decides to give them for FREE! Sometimes, André does a raffle. He’s going to pick a random user who will win a free YoYoExpert T-shirt or something else! It’s every Thursday so don’t miss out on it. Even if you get out, it’s a lot of fun watching other people battle!

Shop: Well, as you can see, YoYoExpert does have a shop. They have YoYoJam, YoYoFactory, Duncan, and some accessories. I think André did a good job picking out good companies and good yo-yos to put on the site. Go check them out and buy one!

Forums: I think the Forums are the best thing about this site. It’s fun, entertaining, and just nice to go on when you’re bored! These are some sections we have. General Yo-Yo Forum for just normal yo-yo talk. We have Yo-Yo Trick Help, Yo-Yo Reviews, Yo-Yo Videos, Yo-Yo Contest Information, Unrelated Discussion, and YoYoExpert Site Improvments. There all fun post threads in and just to have fun in.

Learn: If you scroll up all the way to the top you will see Learn. If you click that they have Offstring, Counterweight, string tricks, looping, maintenance, everything. Click on what you want and they have a trick list. When you click, there will be a list of tricks. Here are some examples of some string tricks: Trapeze, Double or Nothing, and Matrix. In the video that you choose, André Boulay will teach you how to perform the trick. Almost all my tricks are from André. He explains really well, and shows different angles of the trick so you can see it.

News: If you have a question on when the next contest is, or what new yo-yos are coming to YoYoExpert just click news up at the top! The “News” section is for upcoming contests, new yo-yos coming, Yo-Yo Articles, Yo-Yo videos, and YoYoExpert News. So, if your wondering about anything similar to all of those topics, click “News” and you can get your answer. One of them isn’t an answer, it’s the Yo-Yo Videos topic. It’s just some videos of pro’s showing their freestyles. If you want to see some freestyles, go to it! The News section is very exciting!

Chat: The Chat isn’t just fun on Thursday. It’s fun on any day! We talk about yo-yos, yo-yo tricks, and lots more! There’s something really cool that’s in there too… Andre made a robot in there so when there’s no one in there he comes in and chats with you! He’s really cool. Come in the Chat whenever you can!

YoYoExpert is the best yo-yo site that I’ve ever been on. There’s so much fun here EVERYDAY! YoYoExpert has almost every yo-yo you need. If you guys want to join the fun, join YoYoExpert! I promise you will have a good time here.


Just a suggestion, why don’t you talk about the LEARN and NEWS section?

Oh yeah! I was think ing about that then the Thursday came up let me edit it.

I edited it. It’s fixed. :smiley:


Chat game show is not every thursday but once a month. you may want to add that.

Wasn’t it every thursday? Man, i’m far behind


Yeah i got it. Don’t worry i edited it. Lol. Sorry for my mistakes :-[


Ok, great guide but there are still come grammer and spelling issues, I laughed at the one above…

Well, if we are correcting grammar…

I probably missed some stuff, but I went through it quickly.

DANG! Your good Kim-Lan. No wonder why you won the axiom… cough eXpert cough

I fixed all the grammar and spelling errors I could find for you.

Thanks. I just copys and pasted. I did some bold and collors too. I think it’s good now.

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Great Guide! Il have to show this to my friend so he can get a hang of it. For some reason, he just doesn’t understand me showing him. Il also recommend this to some of the people I bring to YoYoeXpert.

Thanks - Tell your friend I said good look, and tell him to look at the Learn pages at the top. Andre helps alot with tricks. Check it out!


It probably won’t be stickied - No one else wants it stickied. That’s why.


I think it would be useful sticked.

I’m not sure we can. But it would be a great addition! Maybe a few touch ups and it will be worthy!

I’m not saying we can. I am saying André should sticky it :wink:


how do u know when he asks us qustions?