does everyone have fun on yoyoeXpert? i am sure they do! everyone has a fun time here on yoyoeXpert!!! they get to talk about mostly the only thing we do. YOYO!!! they get to talk about other stuff to!!! like they can trade yoyos, buy yoyos and sell yoyos in b/s/t! some people love to help other people to choose a yoyo in looking for help recomadation. and they help the person get a new yoyo that they love! i think all the people on yoyoeXpert have their own friends on yoyoeXpert! you can buy yoyos in this website in 2 ways buy sell trade and shop!!

all i want to say here is thankyou for making this website andre :)  all the kids and adaults love it! i personaly love it! all i do is go on this website and yoyo!      

post something about this website if you want to and say how great it is!

this is a very awesome website!


Totally agree can’t put it any better way.


This site is so awesome Chuck Norris is trying to get an account.

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that just made my day…

lol. same here.

Thanks Andre! I love Yoyoexpert!!! 8)

like that O0

I didn’t mean to do that. I wanted to go like this 8), for a change. But this O0 is still cool. Big discovery!

Yeah, the afro guys make it so much better. Long live the afro guy! and Andre. O0

Yup Afro Guy will never die, and let’s hope Andre lives a long and happy life! :wink:

andre is like the best yoyoer in the world!

I love this site. A lot friendlier than other forums I read.

exclamation point overdose!!

I love this site because I finally learned how to do Iron whip. I didn’t think I ever would, but now I can do it. WOO HOO for the noobie moment.

i love this site.
people here are nice. :smiley:

yea everyone is nice

Y thank you. :slight_smile:

your welcome lol :slight_smile:

On the contrary, I haven’t heard a halfway decent Chuck Norris joke since 2006.

But I do love this website :slight_smile: