How did you find Yoyoexpert?

Tell us your story on how you found Yoyoexpert! And why you wanted to join the forums…

I was referred by a friend, and then made a account to keep in touch with him.

haha, my bad.

I don’t remember how I found it. Stumbled upon it back when YYN was booming.

Started throwing found this site for tuts. They were great decided to join the forums to see whats what.


I’d say the tutorials are what brought a lot of people here.

Yep. But not me, my friends said I should buy from Yoyoexpert, not amazon.

No offense amazon!!

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5 years ago I was referred to the store by a friend when I was looking to buy a yoyo. I joined the forum a little while after that and I’ve been here ever since.

I wanted to get better at Yoyoing so I google “Yoyo” so I clicked on YYE and found the tutorials and Yoyo store because I also wanted an unresponsive Yoyo at the time for me to advance in yo-yoing. Then I found the forums so I made an account not knowing what it was or how to use it until I got on again and actually tried using it.

I ordered a PGM from amazon, but they shipped me a Duncan wheels. I returned it. So instead, I got a dv888 from YYE. Been hooked since!

Ernie with General-Yo hooked me up with the referral to andré and yoyoe I bought a majesty from him and the rest is history. Without Ernie’s recommendation I don’t know of I’d have made it here.


Yeah… I didn’t join the forum for weeks (months?) after I started buying and learning from YYE. (I started yoyoing because I was given a yoyo as a ‘filler’ gift, hooked ever since)
I didn’t join right away because I didn’t even know what a forum was! But I joined out of curiosity… then joined the mafia… What can I say… Lol

I was watching yo-yo contest videos on Youtube. I decided to google every company name I saw in the background (the sponsors). I went to A few weeks later, I discovered this was Andre’s site.

Tutorials. Then I bought a couple things that weren’t in stock on YYN. Then a few years later YYN went down and this was the place to be.

I googled “yoyo tricks” and found André’s great tutorials and I got hooked:)

I started with the store, I figured out they had better prices than the site I was using previously. Then I moved on to the tutorials. After that I looked around the forum for a while, and finally got an account.

Was looking around to buy my first advanced yo-yo’s (all I had was a velocity and freehand 2) for my B-day, came across this and YYN, YoYoExpert’s shipping was cheaper so I decided to stay here. :wink:

I honestly don’t recall how I first came across this website, via a Google search for yo-yo sites I suppose. I do recall my immediate appreciation for the comprehensive tutorials I found here. I wanted that yo-yo André was throwing straightaway so I bought a Dark Magic as I’m sure many of us did. I do recall I was here a while before registering on the forums.

This much I recall for certain, once I had landed here I never had much desire to look for any other. I have never found anything that even comes close. Almost my entire collection of high-end throws was purchased here, total receipts for which would be in the neighborhood of $2000.00 (I must be completely out of my mind!) Whenever I get any inclination from anyone they might have an interest in exploring this hobby I always advise they start by visiting first.

Andre’s tutorials.

The app.