how did you know about YoYoExpert?


it is so funny!.
i was bored, so i watch something interesting videos in YouTube.
then i watch andre boulay yoyo trick lessons in Youtube (i didn’t no him either that he is a YoYo Pro!)

i pause the video that im watching because i read the comments.
while reading i saw a “spam” comment, when i click “show comment” it says "go to
so that you will learn yoyo tricks. and then when i try, i now discover YYE! :slight_smile:

thank you to the person who post the comment!, without him, maybe until now i don’t know YYE. :slight_smile:
before my purpose in visiting this site is only watching the tricks, but when i try to enter the forums, it is fun!, much more the “this or that” in the unrelated discussion! hahahahahahaha!

How Bout You?
What’s Yours?

my friend got me into yoing so i get online
looking for vids clicked on a link and boom yye

From MasterMagic.Net. ^^^ That link.

I once PM’ed André asking me for help on a trick, so he gave me the link to the trick on YYE. I saw this site, and I only learned tricks here. But one day, I was bored, so I checked out this forum. I never left :slight_smile:

well,its pretty simple,friends.

My friends and I got into yoyoing looking on youtube and google and just stumbled upon this site and so far if im not yoyoing im on here looking at other yoyo related things.

I just searched some yoyo sites on google and it came up so I signed up, and I love it.

and IHAteMatt the signature is almost blinding, but kinda cool

I bought a little fixed axel yoyo and I looked up youtube for any trick. I saw Andre there. The I saw he had vids on experts village. I went there and stayed for like 2 weeks learning tricks. Then I cheked Andre’s profile and I saw the link to this page. And its “dark magic” has captured me forever

Searched for guides for yoyo tricks.

Looked for a yoyo site with videos and went to expertvillage but the videos were out of order. Then I found this site in the link connected to the expertvillage!

I dont know how you did it but you copyed me

hahaha/jajajaja. Great minds think alike and act alike.

wow, i think so too
you know what that means, jajaja

jajajaja/hahahaha Yes. It do. We are both amazing!

I have to agree

i came here by accident, lol

hahaha. Good thing you did!

Looked up tricks on Youtube, found André’s videos, went to Expertvillage, looked at the expert profile, it listed his sites, went on here, only learned, got bored and joined the Forum, now encouraged to improve and join Team YYJ.

PS: I saw André’s uniform, thought about it and said: A PRo!

Thats pretty much how it went for me! Except I went directly to Expervillage. But I am motivated to join Team YYJ.

Thats EXACTLY what I did