How much do you love


I would just like to say that I am very thankful to have YoyoXpert in my life. I know I might sound silly but who knows if some of us didnt have yye and yoyos we might be out being punks causing trouble. I also just want to say thanks to Andre for taking the time to run and create this site. This is the best website in the world it is 10x better than facebook.
Thanks! Dingo.


its true… this site is great and very productive, and a joy to communicate with other yoyoers that i would other wise never know existed… andre and this site brought together many talented people, and has truly made the simple amazing (ok that was a cheesy thing to say, but that dosnt make it any less true)


That is true without this site some of us would have quit yoyoing right away because we couldnt find a site to learn trick and communicate with people.


even so, it took me over a year to find it after starting… but i feel quite at home on this site


When I started yoyoing I got my first yoyo on this site. I think it is easy to find stuff and am grateful for it. ;D


<3 <3 <3 <3

^^^That’s how much I love yoyo expert.


I enjoy YYE so much that I send them my hard earned MONEY. They, in return send me a quality product as well as putting the “love” into their customer service. Don’t really want to sound like a fan boy here but recent dealings with YYE have me made feel quite comfortable in this forum. Thanks again Andre, it’s the little things that count!


I’m a punk who loves causing trouble. Livin’ on the edge and whatnot, ya know?
But as much as I love causing trouble, I think I love YoYoExpert more.

Plus Boulay is a sexy yo-yoing beast. As elegant as unicorn, as skilled as walrus. And that’s what really keeps me coming back


How do I love thee, YYE? Let me count the ways…


It would be easier to write a list of why we don’t like yoyoexpert because it would be so short…nay nonexistant because there is nothing bad about yoyoexpert whatsoever. THE BEST customer service anywhere, not just limited to yoyo related sites either, it is just that nobody can beat the yoyoexpert customer service. Also it is the place to find great yoyos and even exclusive to certian places yoyos. In short

Best there is, best there ever was and best there ever will be…sorry bret hart, yoyoexpert has you beat.

(I wonder who will get that…)


I have to credit YoYoExpert for my struggling progress with yoyo. When I got into this, I started with pretty much nothing. My objective was to exceed my past success with the yoyo, which was NOTHING, as I couldn’t even go a gravity pull, much less sleep it. The back of the Duncan package was sufficient for me to get past my previous failure. That first night, gravity pull was achieved, with the help of the clutch in a Duncan Reflex. But after a couple of days, that was old and I needed to sleep it, so fortunately there was a Duncan Imperial purchased at the same time as the Duncan Reflex. Having achieved these two goals, it was time to move forward.

It became apparent by the 3rd or 4th day I’m going to need something else, and my lack of knowledge coupled with lack of selection at the local Toys R Us meant I needed to go hit the internet and find information.

Fortunately, I found trick videos, which turned out to be the ExpertVillage ones that are the tutorial videos here. Lots of viewing, then I forget exactly how I got here, but I did. I know it was through a search engine. I think it was by using information obtained from information on the YouTube page or something.

So, after a few days in the maintenance section and the beginner tricks section, it became obvious that I was right, I would need something else. But what? So, now I was here on the YYE store site, which wasn’t helping me a whole lot, but as many of us remember starting out, we don’t know what to start with. Well, why not use what the guy in the video uses, it looks pretty nice. Once I found out what that was, I starting putting things together, such as how heavily the Dark Magic II is pushed here, but that’s OK.

Most of the information I have received has been here. Most of the skills I’ve managed to acquire have been through help from YYE. I also do most of my yoyo purchases here. While I’m on 2 other yoyo forums, this is the one I feel is my “home”.


Well said.
And also they have great customer service. They gave me a new yoyo when mine had a crack. And sent me a free bearing when i asked them how to fix mine.


How about I put it like this. It’s enough to make me return. You will see me more than before now. :wink:


I love YYE THIS much. spreads arms past each other


I read you were contemplating leaving a couple of weeks ago. Just between you, me and anyone else who reads this, I was kinda bothered by that because I knew what it was in regards to. I’m pleased to hear you’re back. Welcome back!

One thing I’ve learned is to NOT let others make your decisions for you. So, again I’m glad you’re back!