YoYoExpert.org and Yin Interviews is HERE!

As we promised we are ready to reveal a new section of YoYoExpert:


First check out Yin’s new interview section here: http://yoyoexpert.org/pros/

Along with these amazing interviews YoYoExpert.org brings to you:

Meet the Pros Page
Let Yin take you into the world of some of today’s yo-yo “pros.” His interviews are some of the best and you will get a new look and appreciation for the sport through his words and the stories captured there. More to come this is just the beginning!

The video page at YoYoExpert.org is a way to further connect you with other YoYoExpert players. Here you can post your own yo-yo videos to share tricks, tutorials, and more. Coming soon will be an eXpert records area to keep track of specific records!

Yo-Yo contests happen all over the country and here YoYoExpert will organize and show you the upcoming contests and where you can get more info about competing. More coming soon!

Looking for a store or club in your area that sells or deals with yo-yos? This locater is built to bring this information to you in an organized manner. More updates coming soon.

Keep track of all upcoming yo-yo events here! From club meetings to contests to National Yo-Yo Day this calendar will keep all the information for you so you are always in the “know!”

Remember YoYoExpert.org is not a replacement for YoYoExpert.com - instead it is a place to better connect yo-yo players everywhere.

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I’m loving it André!

Yin rules!!

Haha, can you say best website ever?


Best website ever

Do I get a prize? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anywhoozle, YYE.com is still mah favs! Anyway, your interviews rule!!!

Once again: Yin rules!!

so far i’m likeing the site.
I like Yins previous interviews and a couple company reviews.


I’m just checking yoyoexpert.org out rite now, and i think its pretty cool!

On the home page… Theres a guy in MN… That’s ME!! MWAHAHA!!

Well the site is awesome! I hope it will help some people!

Yin Rules!


This is great!!!

You rock Yin and this is the only yoyo website I go too so it`s my favorite. Oh and your interviews are awesome.

Me too. :slight_smile:

Great Job. :wink:


There was no reason for that post, yoyodude888. You don’t just quote something to quote something, it’s pointless. Please don’t do it again.

He put Cool in the wrong place.

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You live in Minnesota? So do I! Where do you live? (creepy question, heh)