Stupid questions people ask about yoyoing

“hey that’s a cool trick, what’s it called?”

braces for ensuing flame war

"Which yoyo is better… "

Great, I have to give this speech to yet another person.

Great. You know everything about yoyoing. Hoorah, three cheers, everything else. Other people don’t. You shouldn’t expect everyone else to know about it. The questions they ask aren’t stupid, but legitimate questions that anyone on the planet would ask. Put yourself in their shoes, it’s the FIRST time they have ever seen a yoyo like this, it’s a foreign experience, of course they are going to ask negligent questions. Does that make them stupid? Of course not! They are showing a genuine interest in the hobby, and you should respect that, not make a topic about.


after doing some long combo
“Can you do walk the dog?”

“can I try…?”

Completely agree. But as the poster above me said, I would have quite a bit of trouble letting someone try my yoyo. Too bad I cant carry around a beater.

o look, i was right.

There’s a large difference between a reasonably stated argument and flaming.

I really enjoy explaining things to people who don’t yoyo. Its alot of fun. It makes me think about it much more simply than I usually do, which is a welcome change.

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well i certainly hate it when people who have never touched a yoyo before ask to try out my fragile expensive throw. the one time i said yes i walked out with my yoyo all scratched and dinged up.

I do hate when my friends who don’t throw want me to let them use it. I don’t want to be mean at all or make them think “there is no way you can do this” but I don’t want a destroyed yoyo either, they always mess with me about it too ::). I just started putting a semi responsive metal drifter in my girlfriends purse. I barely know anyone who throws within like a 2 hour drive so i’m always overly cool about it and try to teach and let people borrow throws, show em this site if they wanna learn a little more on their own.

Those aren’t stupid, they’re new to yoyoing. I could ask someone what’s that wire comming out of that RC car? That’s just me asking more, learning more, just cause I don’t know, doesn’t make me stupid.
This is their first glance into yoyoing. Of course, if they’re being mad, restricting, insulting or bullying you about your yoyoing, it isn’t as what is said above. But they don’t know the art of yoyoing, they have their intrests and just ignore.

Flame on*


Flame off*


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“Can yo do walk the dog?”

Kinda cracks me up ever time I hear someone say this. Particularly after I’ve done something like the Matrix.

Lol just like a lighter. ;D

flick flick

What does that mean?


rule number 9 out of 66

“9. be prepared to walk the dog on command. always.”

When a yoyo group came to my school, no one new that there was such thing, and they came around and asked some people what trick they should do, and most of the school was amazed at seeing walk the dog. Then,because of how nice and skilled these guys were, at least 30 people that day started yoyoing. Those guys would answer questions and show tricks that day, it was pretty cool.
So, calling people not smart just cause they never seen a yoyo like that is not fair, i remember when i was like that, thinking it was awesome that i new walk the dog :stuck_out_tongue: you were like that probably to when you first yoyoed.