Been there, done that. 300, 1200, 2400… Programmed via DIP switches, pre-Hayes standards. Helped develop chipsets, write firmware, helped test a voice/data modem(pick up the phone, data drops to 9600, data continues at 4800), man, I’ve done so much stuff with datacomm… Now I help people make high-density dial-up solutions. Imagine 256 calls landing in 19" inches wide by 8 inches tall by 14 inches deep rack. 2 cables for power, 1 cable for management, 2 cables for routers(or 1), and depends if you want to terminate a T3 or T1’s into the chassis. Helped develop VOIP, and was doing it over Frame Relay lines 8 years before regular VOIP applications too.

Many days, I miss a 14.4 PPP or even a SLIP connection. My ISP sucks bad. They posted “Did everyone have a good weekend” on their Facebook, while I had crap service all weekend, so thanks to them, they were the main reason I had a crappy weekend.

But, looks, let’s get stuff back on topic here.

Again, we need to make a conscious decision.

If a user asks for help, if you can, please try. Even I will pass over stuff I can barely read. I have my limitations too. If we maintain a “happy” environment, it benefits everyone.

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I like conversations such as this. When the ancients speak, I realize how young I am! ;D


…and now I’m waiting for the U.S. to get fiber optic more widely available.


It’s widely available, it’s just not generally provisioned for “consumer grade” connections. They can tighten the screws down on business and business doesn’t want to give it up.


My brother who lives just 5 minutes away from me has fios. But it is definitely not available in my area at the moment. Been using digital subscriber line. I hate it.

Wished I lived just a block closer to that McDonald so I can eat up their wifi.


Surewest ran cable down in front of my entire street. Nobody is allowed to subscribe to the fiber because Frontier is the local telco and they “won’t allow it”. My area is full of stupidity.

DSL can be quite reliable, but most telcos are cheap(geee, really?) and they don’t want to actively maintain the equipment. Then again, you’re also modulating a digital signal onto an analog line, so there’s potential for problems with all the places things can go wrong.