My DM went responsive

I was trying to learn Organized and got stuck and a little frustrated so I just started screwing around and went to do Ninja Vanish and my DM shot back to my hand.Ouch… So I rubbed my knuckles and loosened the gap a little… Threw a sleeper, and it was tug responsive… I have the gap as wide as I can get it with out spacers and its tug responsive. This is weird because I’ve cleaned the bearing and its normally super unresponive… Any one know why this happened and what I can do to fix it?

The oblivious ones:

  1. String Slip
  2. Something got in your bearing
  3. Knot in the bearing that is very small.

I like the easy things ;D

Did you open it up yet?
Did you change the string?
Did you clean the bearing?
Check the bearing seat?
Look for cracks in the walls?

Do it in those orders.

Check for the O-Ring slippage. Sometimes it can come out a tiny bit forcing it to come back up. Wobbly throws can force the sides to hit the strings so it would grip.

I did open it, I did change the string, I did not clean the bearing (I have nothing to clean it with), the seat is fine and there are no cracks…

Does the bearing spin all right when you flick it?

No… If I give it a light flick it doesn’t spin long but if I flick it hard kinda sounds like its vibrating…

I also have this happen occassionally with my yoyos. I don’t know why but sometimes it does become responsive. Just play with it for a while and it should become unresponsive again.

About how long does the bearing spin?

Try to clean it. Or at least open it up and look inside.