Why is my punchline so responsive!!!!!!

So i got a punchline at MOYO, and for the first 4-5 days, it was super unresponsive.
I don’t know what happened, but know it’s super responsive, and i don’t know what to do!!!
Know it’s to the point that i can’t hop up to thumb grind, arm grind, or finger grind.

PS. I really like playing unresponsive, so ape, don’t try and convince me to start playing responsive. :wink:

Clean the bearing, make sure there’s no gunk in the bearing seat, and there’ might be some weird stuff going on with the response, but that’s unlikely.

Check the bearing the baring for clogs. Deshield it.
P.S.( do you have brothers or sisters who might have messed it up?)

Try a little thin lube in it first before anything. That may be all it needs.

Thin lube doesn’t always work that great on some yoyos.

oh great, i can see it now, this is going to go on just like the Help! Hatrick snag! thread. lol Well lets hope not. Some yoyo’s take a whie to get unresponsive, keep playing with it. You might want to try cleaning the bearing.

I would clean your bearing. It is routine for me now that whenever I get a new yoyo, i immediately clean it and put 4 drops of thin lube on it. Then wait for everything to break in for 3 hours of playtime. If this doesn’t help, i’d cheack the response. I would check to make sure that the silicone pad is concave. Also make sure that the bearing seat doesn’t have anything in it.

That’s probably the best solution.

4 drops of lube is overkill…

It was unresponsive and now it is responsive?

  • Check your response system, make sure they are not falling out

  • check your bearing.  Swap it with a known good bearing to verify.

  • Check the area around the bearing seat.  It should be clean from

  • any string fragments or other gunk

if you did all of that and it is still bad, give it a hard throw and look at the yoyo gap while it is sleeping.  Where is your string?  Is it pinched between your bearing and the bearing seat?

Also, is your string fresh?

The “maybe” in my posts already suggests that. That’s the great part about the written language. If you read it then you know. But I don’t understand the on some yoyo’s part. If it has a bearing then they are technically all the same. Are you arguing for the sake of an argument? Remember I do have extensive knowledge in this area.

ithus, you seem to have a lot of things in your posts recently that sugest something that noone picked up. Try to make more obvious…

That was directed directly at X52.

OK, i just put a bearing that i know is a good, and it was dead unresponsive, but i just got the bearing that is responsive, so do you think the bearing might need cleaned?

Put the “Bad” bearing in another yo-yo, is it still bad? If yes clean it. If not, then it probably was not sitting correctly in the punchline and you were getting sippage

i got a punchline at MOYO also! mine is still unresponsive so i bet there is something in your bearing. i would suggest throwing in a different bearing and if it is still messed up contact yoyoguy and/or spyy ;D

ya, i put the punchlines bearing in my DM and it was super unresponsive, so i guess I’ll contact SPYY

PS. The bearing that i put in my punchline that was unresponsive was a center trac.

Before you do that, try swapping back.

aaaaahhh, i dont think so. If you want it unrespnsive, that’s the way to go. Why not? There won’t be any damage done???

If you have friction stickers or o rings take one of them out.