My 888x is becoming responsive! HELP

Hey guys, so i got a 888x 2010 edition at Christmas bought right here at yyxprt and at first, it was unresponsive, i was able to do grinds and cool stuff, but then, about 2-3 hour playing with it, i jerked it and it cam back to my hand??? any ideas why? And now i play and it is totally responsive, i can do some string trick, but it comes to my hand when i jerked it. The only thing i did to this yoyo, was to lube the bearing a bit with some Tri-Flow oil. An other problem is that the yo always tilts on one side and i cant figure out why, thanks.

It’s probably the oil. The bearing come already heavily lube so adding the oil just was too much. i suggest cleaning it or just playing responsive a while.

Hmmm, maybe. But the yo was making alot of noise when i first threw it and when i lubed it, it became silent. Was the noise normal??

I have bearings that do that. try playing respomsive 4 a while,and if that does not work clean the bearing. and yes, noise is normal. ( ive got some that my brother can hear from the basement!!)

Thx, i just cleaned my bearing and its noisy, but better than ever! thanks.

Sometimes bearings will do that… its all part of the “breaking in” process. I asked Andre about this same problem and thats what he said.

Hope your problem get solved! :smiley:

clean your bearing with mineral spirits and lube it lightly with yyj thin lube. Keep throwin and your throw will straighten out in time.

get a new one. and if the new one doesnt work, dont ever buy from china again

That’s stupid. China can really put out some quality yoyos when they try! Plus, he doesn’t need to buy a new bearing, 'cause his wasn’t broken, he just lubed it too much. It’s fine now.

thx for the tips guys, its all good now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: