Responsive 888x

Why is is my 888x responsive i only had it for a day and a half. When i first got it it was compleatly dead the way i like it but now its not.

Did you lube the bearing or clean it? If you did maybe you need to break it in. Did you do anything else to it?

No i have done nothing to it

Swap it out quickly with another bearing… if its unresponsive with a new bearing, the stock one either needs to be cleaned, you need to break it in, or might be broken.

what chonitoe said, but alos take the bearing out and make sure there is nothing in the bearing seat or on the surface of the bearing, make sure you didnt get a knote around the bottem of your string. Other then that if its still responsive you might have to clean the bearing, but i cant immagen you getting something in the bearing in 2 days O_o

Do NOT clean the bearing. If it is not a knot, the bearing seat, or string, it is the bearing, but it is not because it is dirty. Most YoYoFactory yoyos ship with dry and/or very slightly lubed bearings. You most likely played through all the lube, so it is dry. If you clean it, you will be doing absolutely nothing. Just put a small drop of YYJ thin lube in there, and play with it. It may still be a little responsive, but it will fix it.

this happened to me to. i just swapped the bearing. i did notice when i spun the bearing that it couldn’t even make a full rotation it one flick. normally i get 8 seconds. but i trashed the bearing because i didn’t have any lube or paint thinner, and i had trouble getting off the shields (not the bearings fault, i was just bad at the time.)