too Responsive :(

(Marc) #1

I’ve noticed that lately my legacy, pgm, and 888 have become tug responsive, both have the stock response and im sure that the bearing is broken in. I’ve also tried cleaning the bearing but it didnt work. Anyone have any advice for me? ???


have you changed the string?

(Marc) #3

oops i forgot about that, I use 100% polyester that I got from here


yeah that might be it, try it and let me know how it goes

(Marc) #5

try what?


changing the string!

(Marc) #7

I meant that I forgot to add it to my original post, I already use 100% polyester

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Yes, try changing the string.

Try loosening the gap just a little. Don’t loosen it too much or when you throw it will untwist and roll into 2 pieces.

Try getting a konkave bearing. it center’s the string thus making it unresponsive, AND makes it better to put more string on it without stopping.

If non of those work, your just one unlucky guy, try a new yo-yo i guess.


(Marc) #9

I’m not sure it just happened last week, and it makes it impossible to do anything that involves placing more than one string and the 888 and legacy are still new…


Here are some things to try:

  1. Change string types and get a new string.
  2. Get a new bearing, possibly a Dorothy or a KonKave bearing.
  3. Clean your bearing.
  4. Put some THIN lube on your bearing.
  5. Loosen the gap.
  6. Replace the response system or change response systems. Try making new silicone o-rings for your Legacy.
  7. Shave your o-rings.

Let me know how this works out and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

-Mitchell Purdy


i will bet that he he has an extra wrap on his strings, you probably like did a gt and dropped it, cut the strings and put new ones one



  1. change the string
  2. thin lube
  3. get new bearing
  4. make a video or something so we can see what is wrong
  5. send it back

I think those are in order…


Chances are, your SPEC bearing is ruined. What edition 888 do you have? If its 09, something is wrong with your SPEC, but if its earlier, you must have a dorothy. Both are sensitive bearings. Chances are, you need to clean your bearings, because either they locked up, or they are really dirty. Also check your pads. Sometimes the pads can be messed up. On the Legacy, did you remove the paper under the silicone pads?

Have Fun Throwing,

(Marc) #14

I have an 09 version i just got less than a month ago, Theres an occasional wierd grinding noise that I’m pretty sure is coming from the bearing. the pads are new because it was sent seperately (one was missing when I got it)

Never knew there was paper in the legacy I checked it and the silicone is still recessed in the groove. So I’m pretty sure its not that. I changed the strings on both and had my friend throw it and the legacy is still as bad and the 888 isn’t as bad but its still tug responsive about 1 out of 8 throws. I’ll try using my one drop bearing tomorrow and post how that did


Ok, let’s look at this logically for a moment…

The key factor here is that it’s more then one yoyo exhibiting the same issue. Correct? Since you can’t answer right away I’ll assume this is the case. :wink:

If they’re ALL becoming responsive, at the same time, it’s not the yoyos themselves, and I’d imagine it’s not the response systems, either. Chances are it’s something you’re doing. A habit you’ve developed.

If I were to take some educated guesses, I’d be thinking bearings and string, in that order, but my money is on over-lubricated bearings.

Clean the bearings. ALL of them. Lighter fluid, mineral spirits, whichever. Pick one and give 'em all a bath. A good bath. You might just want to leave them sitting in the cleaner of your choice overnight, then shake them good for a few minutes the day after.

Now, apply ONE single drop of YYJ thin to each bearing, use a needle if you have to so you don’t overdo it. No more than one drop. Finger spin them while they’re sitting on the axle, real gently at first to work the lube in, reassemble the yo and fire away. Do this with all of them.

Might as well go ahead and put fresh strings on them all whilst you’re doing all this. One less variable, ya know?

How often do you play? How many hours a day? Week? Which yos get the most use? When you lube, how much do you use? If you can give us some fairly accurate numbers, we’ll get this thing solved for you.

Throw like you mean it.


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Here is a video in order to help you with what DocRobot said:(Even though I am sure we have all seen this)


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