new tricks!

ok, this isnt a competition or anything, its just 1 forum to post the new tricks you have made up!

I believe there is already a section of the forums for stuff like this. Good Idea though.

I think its a good idea. I mean why not. This doesn’t have to be for like 3min videos and tutorials. why not just a little section for short 1 trick videos?

yeah! this can be pretty much any trick you make up! you can make a tutorial, or just a little 1 minute thing! and i know there is a yoyo cometition going on, but where is one like this?

So its just us posting videos of tricks we made up

yep. I actually really like this idea even though its kinda like the video section

yeah…didnt think of putting it in the video section…oops! but yeah! its just posting the tricks you make up!

it does not matter just post the trick it is not that big deal

aakarsh madhavan