Where are the tricks at?

I know there have been many of these posts before, but I was just wondering where all the tricks are at, yes this site, youtube, etc, etc but any others, I can’t seem to find anything other than yoyoskills tuts on youtube but I jst want something new, original if you know what I mean, thanks anyway

Honestly, if you want something really new and original, make it up your self


I really don’t think we have a dedicated part of the forum where only all the new tricks are posted.  You already have the board that should hold all of the new material, but you have to do some digging to find it.

Good question, by the way.  I subtle reminder for kids to be creative.


Thanks, but also when i do try and figure something out its like, yeh woo, this combo is awesome, and then either I get a knot or I forget how to do it or I miss an element, I practice for ages and I don’t seem to be progressing at all, thanks anyway!


i gotta say, i love this video. just because you can tell he has fun with it . :stuck_out_tongue: