Websites where you get your tricks? : D

There are websites where you get new tricks from, no? Not necissarily YYE’s learn section, I’m sure?
How about sharing them? ;D

Try, it has links to tutorials on youtube. I hope it helps

Thanks. ;D Oh… Let me add…



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I just find out mounts from hear, learn these tricks, and make new tricks out of mounts and what not

This is where I learn from, not sure many of you are at this level though.

Anyone? Come on… ;D


No, that’s not a real site. I just usually watch yoyo videos that I like and steal some elements of theirs, as well as make up some of my own, to make my combos.

Ah! Ya got me Samad, ya got me. I clicked the link. :’(
Should’ve known that all that was on samad’ was a blank page and the words “Coming soon”

Lol, I kid I kid.

I really like for tricks. I also go to,, and just random google search sites. And this site as well. This one is like my base lol.

Dang… you burned me good. ;D

Glad to see you appreciate it my friend

Nice on Q ;D

usually i just use YYE,, and watching random videos from people on