Online Tricks: Where they at?

Now, now, slow down, tiger. I know you’re thinking: Jeremy, we have all of these great trick videos on! What else could we possibly need? Well, sir, there are many other sites that have different tricks, styles, and methods of instruction that can’t be found here. So here’s a list of places to look! Enjoy, and learn something new!

Ken’s World On A String - This website has many older-school tricks that are taught with neat picture illustrations. It has a load of really nice beginner tricks that your friends will really get a kick out of!

MasterMagic - Mastermagic was THE place to learn tricks before YYE came along. Fun fact: both are run by André Boulay, who is that nice fella that you see in the videos here. Mastermagic has a few extra tricks, and they are taught with text descriptions. Also, each video can be played in slow motion!

High Speed Yoyo - Run by a nice guy named Brett (AKA Vguitars or IbanezCollector), this site uses a special camera that records the tricks in super slow motion so you can see what’s going on really clearly. This tool is especially recommended for slack tricks. You can also find some yoyo reviews here.

Begin2Spin - Another old-ish school site, here you can find tricks from all five of the main styles of yoyoing. There’s also a neat little menu in the bottom right corner that can direct you to some other useful sites. The instructions are by text and video.

Sector Y - Despite its futuristic name, Sector Y also offers some great old-school tricks. There are some REALLY fun tricks to learn here. The tricks are illustrated and color coded for easy viewing. Many tricks can only be found here!

Rethink Yoyo - This is a pretty new site. The tricks are done by youtube video, and the angles are very clean and visible. Most tricks have some good tips that go along with them. There are also a few unique tricks on this site.

Strings Attached - On this site, you can learn tricks similar to the style of Sector Y. There’s also some other styles there, including one Moebius trick!

Offstring - If you’re a witty observer, you might have deduced that this website has offstring tricks on it. How correct of you! This is a very comprehensive 4A resource. Unfortunately, some of it is in Japanese.

GrawrD - Run by Gerard Amento, this website uses Youtube videos to instruct yoyoers on tricks that often confuse, and he does a great job of that. You can also find some tricks that are only found there! This is also a good 5A resource.

Finally, Youtube and Vimeo. If none of the above websites work, just type in the name of the trick you need to learn, and you’ll probably find something to help you out. Also, you can watch cool videos of yoyoers doing tricks that can get you inspired to do some tricks of your own!

Have fun, happy learning, and good luck!


Wow, I didn’t even know about half of these.
And by the way, you should add
Many detailed reviews, interviews, and tricks taught by yoyoers around the world and the new Tutorials Master: Xela.

Great list! Should be very useful to those who need some guidance and inspiration!

Yama’s site has many tricks and tuts as well in the tricks section.

I love that Guy!~ (Yama), He travels all around Japan and even Worlds to record the freestyles.


I can vouch that Rethinkyoyo is definitely the most amazing site with best tutorials out of all of those sites.

lol jk jk

But I’m very honored that it’s included on this list! I’m actually the person who’s doing the site, and I was shocked to see it listed here. If you get a chance, write me a comment on one of the vids, subscribe to my youtube account, or whatever; it keeps my morale up, hahaha.

and, may I be the first to say: sticky? This is really a kind of thread every forum needs.

I second the notion: STICKY! This is really an invaluable resource, and should be seen by everyone! Just be sure to add on there (I love Jayyo’s and Xela’s tuts)!

Someone who’s backing me up on this!!!

Your site is awesome, and coming along quickly. You should invest in a backdrop, and a worklight. Black felt is so cheap, and will get your videos looking twice as clear ^^

Dude, you are my hero.

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There’s also this one:


There is also


Add … It has some basic tutorials for all styles of play, a shop, and VERY handy 1A tutorials from beginner up to advanced tricks and some other tricks that I’ve only seen there.

But Yoyoexpert has a store too! If you tell people that there are other places with stores, they might shop there instead!

I second this. YoTricks has helped me a lot to become better. They have some tutorials for tricks that I haven’t seen anywhere else (Underwater Basket Weaving, Lord of the Flies, etc.). Not to mention, their tutorial have REALLY good quality, like the best quality I have ever seen.

Thirded! The motion carries?

There’s one more you forgot for online tutorials there’s a Yoyo thing called slusny here’s there website

they have one of the biggest collections of tricks as well as some really good tutorials! It was made in eastern Europe so you won’t be able to read all of it but the tutorials don’t require to listen just to watch!