Yoyo trick tutorial website list

Here are some great tutorial websites for learning tricks:


If you have some more, please post below and I will add them to the list.

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Monkey Finger

Tonnes of tutorials for tricks that a fair few of the ‘main’ learning websites don’t have.

highspeed yoyo and rethink yoyo is the best haha.

Added monkey finger.

http://www.grawrd.com/tricks-2/ and http://www.sector-y.com/category/tutorials/

I wanna add this one :smiley:

Rather than create a totally new thread, lets just keep this one alive.

Does anyone know of any 4A tutorial websites, I’ve learnt most of the stuff that Ben Conde did for YYE and I’m working through MFD’s 4A sections, Just wondering if there is any others that aren’t usually heard of but worth giving a look at.

Lets hope someone knows somewhere.


awesome website.

guys, what does it mean when players says. learn yoyo from Basic to Hyper? I don’t really understand that one because here in YYE there’s only Beginner, Intermediate,Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Expert 1, Expert 2 and then Master skill level… ???