What's the name of that one website?

It’s a website that i knew a long time ago for learning tricks. The guy had 100’s of in depth tutorials for combos and advanced tricks, but i can’t remember the name of it. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


They have a learn section there with a ton of tutorials broken up into level of difficulty. It’s pretty cool. I’ll try and find a link for you.

Not 100s and 100s, but is this what you’re thinking of?



I’m aware of yoyo experts tutorials.  This was a separate site that I remember from a long time ago that I’m trying to find for nostalgia purposes.

yes, thank you!

When I saw the thread title the only site I could think of was Billybob’s. We all know that’s THE place to go for pretty much anything yoyo related. ;D



you may be thinking about rethink yoyo

If you’re into the High-Speed Yoyo tutorials, you’ll also really like Alexis JV, Aaron Davis and Rethink Yoyo stuff. Slusny and Cabin Tutorials are very popular. Mr. Matio, Meowcolm and Eric R. are great too.

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Mr Matio and St Petersburg yoyo school are also great. Google them not sure of their exact YouTube channel names.

I also have a YouTube playlist with over 100 excellent tutorials I’ve found and stashed away to learn. Started as a way for me to narrow down just a few tricks to focus on but quickly exploded. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9B-smeRReJYLkDxenJ9Zd1e5Xd34UVxL

Sector Y YouTube has mostly clips, but I find learning full speed to be just as easy as learning slow motion. They have TONS of 2012 Yuuki stuff that I found awesome.

365 trick a day and eh bkth are good

you’re welcome:


edit: or perhaps you meant:


edit: i’m not at all sure why i accidentally quoted my last post instead of just editing it… or for that matter why i am facetiously sharing decades-old classic trick sites when you clearly found what you were looking for… but there’s never a bad time to peruse ken’s world or sector_y and remember how we geezers learned to throw.


What a blast from the past. I distinctly remembered learning braintwister here.