any good sites

I want to learn REALLY GOOD yoyo tricks. Any good sites? (Other than yoyoexpert)

I am going to assume you are rather new to yoyoing. First, you have to tell us what you define as “good tricks”. Some may think slack tricks are “good”, while others thinks that whips are “good”. What kind of tricks are you looking for? Flashy tricks? Picture tricks? Technical tricks? No matter what kind of tricks you are looking for though, you will more than likely find at least a few tricks you would like to learn on

Good luck!

+1! I’ve been going here for all my learning tricks, of course beside here.

I think would be your best bet. Great, great site. They teach a ton good tricks, and break them down perfectly.

If the guy can do superman he is no beginner. I think yotricks would be too easy. Try they have some pretty difficult tricks there

Are you saying this is too easy?:

Kinda, now go find 3 more trick that are hard on yotricks. You can’t. I love them and all,but they’re for beginner -adcanced-ish.