Is this a good place to learn tricks? I mean is it reliable? Are they teaching the correct way? Stuff like that, would you recommend the site?


When it comes to beginner tricks there really isn’t too much variation in the way it can be taught. His videos are decent at teaching tricks, but they also seem to be one big advertisement for his horrible yoyos imo.


I’ve noticed that.

And okay. Is there any other site you would recommend other than YYE?


I agree that the tutorials are easy to follow and pretty solid. Besides YYE, though, I’ve been loving rethinkyoyo.com.


rethinkyoyo is good.

highspeedyoyo is good too, but it depends. The high-speed break-downs can really let you see the mechanics of what is going on, which can help fill in some voids depending on what you may or may not need.

A competing store/forum also has a fairly good selection of tutorial videos. Yet another store has tutorial videos, but while they are cheesy, the videos aren’t half bad.

YoYotutorials.com is good as well.

Go to where you’re getting the help you need. For example, I don’t rely on on just the YYE videos. I had to go to rethinkyoyo to get bind down. I have downloaded massive amounts of videos, and I’ll use all the videos to help me learn a trick. More approaches can help you get it. Never limit yourself to one source.