Here's a good Tutor for all begginer to advance players!

Just go to

Or go to his youtube channel:

He is a VERY good tutor!
I learned so many tricks from him that I will use in the contest this Sunday!

His videos are clean, has slow-mo’s, side views, and side slow-mo views!
He also gives tips on how to make the trick easier!

And he is open to everyone!.. Comment to his videos and he will reply to it…

Hope you guys will learn from him!

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Agreed. Rethinkyoyo is a great website. :slight_smile:


Very kind and has cool tricks that can never be seen anywhere

I also agree that the tutorials on are absolutely first class, he helped me get my “split the atom” locked down real tight (only been playing for like a week) and often has camera angles that really help with those kind of tricks where you just can’t quite figure out where you are going wrong

Yes, this site is really excellent. He is a talented thrower, a good guy, and he really knows how to teach clearly. The ability to teach well as a very rare skill and he has it.

Glenn Godsey