Something different please?

OK so i was wondering if anyone could give me a trick suggestion, something that is not on this site please I just want something to work on that is a bit different. Thanks ;D

You can either go here or here. :smiley:

Or you can just go to YouTube and type the trick you want to learn.

Well, solar wind, pacman, c-cow-b, red buhda, and lots more. If you just search around a little bit you’ll inevitably find some. You can go to and they have a lot. You can also go to the yoyoexpert channel on youtube, they have tons of tricks. You can flip though the pages of the tricks section and you’ll unevitably find some. In essance, you don’t need me to find good tricks.
Edit: oh is good too.

But you know what’s more awesomer? Make up your own tricks! It’s fun, trust me!

To true, nothign beats the feeling of impressing something with a trick of your own creation… or just doing it and how fun it is. The thing is with making your own tricks is that you can put elemants into them that you think are fun.