learn tricks from DVDs

I was wondering if the DVDs for sale here at yoyo expert teach you how to do tricks or only show experts yoyoing. (http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/125/Undeniable%3A-YoYoFactory-DVD for example)

i believe that particular video was just a video of experts. if you want to learn tricks look at the learn section on this website.

If you are a very observant person you can learn with any yoyo DVD. Just use the slow-motion function on your DVD player (most systems have it) and watch the tricks carefully. However, the internet is a much easier way of learning tricks, especially your basic tricks.

If the slow-mo is your thing you should really check out highspeedyoyo.

I already learn most of the tricks in the “learn” section… so I guess it’s time to try and handle slow motion.
Thanks :slight_smile: