Want to learn more tricks, but hate watching videos...

Any ideas?

I hate watching videos, it’s tedious. Plus, one of the reasons I like this hobby is it’s something that’s not on the computer. All mechanical, no batteries or electronics.

I know how you feel about videos, but they are the convenient choice. Otherwise the best option I could name is to visit a club or to look on this forum for a fellow yo-yoer in your area.

If you’re not using videos there are only two options:

  1. Learn from somebody in person as hobbyman suggests
  2. Throw the towel in on learning other people’s tricks and strictly create your own. Maybe the occasional picture or TINY bit of video every now and then for mount ideas as starting points.

I like using videos. I watch enough that I can digest, and then practice just that part until I’m ready to move on. Nobody wants to watch the entire video from beginning to end over and over again to learn a trick.

GregP is right but the problem is that not everyone can learn from a person that just happens to live near them.

Well, you could use a trick book.

Trick book frustration is what led me to YouTube and then the discovery of unresponsive play. :wink: Trick books suuuuuuuuuuck.

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I feel you on that but it’s the easiest choice so sometimes I’ll think of it as training as a professional sport and make like I’m watching film lol :smiley:


he breaks down tricks via pics and vids :slight_smile:



You might have to suffer through it but it’ll make you so much better. Personally I love watching the cabin tutorials by Charles haycock, they’re always pretty fun

Try and make up your own stuff. It’s a more fun and rewarding process in the end anyway.

Haha, I know.


I haven’t even learned 90% of the tricks in the tutorials here on YYE. Maybe Brent Stole and Matrix, but thats probably about it. After learning a few of them I decided that I wanted to come up with everything else myself, or at least arrive their naturally rather than learning off other people.

Heck I never learned skin the gerbil, mach 5, drop in the bucket or spirit bomb, along with many more. Do I feel that this holds me back?


^ Not particularly. The way I see it, figuring out and inventing tricks is half the fun of yoyoing, and in the end enjoying yourself is what it should all be about. Also, it’ll help you develop your own style if you come up with things yourself. Look at Ryan Gee for instance, his style is 1-of-a-kind because nobody else thinks to come up with such strange tricks. :slight_smile:

eyes darting around

Of course, if you’re perfectly happy to learn other people’s tricks, that’s OK, too… as long as you’re having fun. :wink:

Hahaha, the judging finger of accusation is turning your way Greg! Here it comeees!!


Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with learning peoples tricks, in fact a lot of the pros started off that way. It’s just, as Greg mentioned above, important to make sure that you’re having fun.

If you feel like you have to learn tricks but hate the process, then I was simply saying that there’s no real need to. On the flipside, if trying to come up with something yourself stresses you out and you enjoy learning and perfecting other people’s tricks more, then do it that way.

I’ve been through stages of hours of regimented practice and creation, and as productive as it may be, it’s somewhat mentally exausting.

Throwing on your favourite tunes, going outside on a nice day and just letting it flow, on the other hand, reminds you what yoyoing is really all about. :slight_smile:

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I must admit, that was pretty sick!