I'm so lost...

  Ok so I started throwing back in March. Most people are a lot better than me after about 9 months. I feel like I suck and can't progress. The problem is that I've kept buying more yoyos instead of learning tricks. Heck when I was in advanced part 1 I bought a summit and puffin. Then I got a quake when it first released. Then for Christmas I got a yelets and benchmark H. I'm still at the end of advanced part two/ expert part one but I can't make any tricks flow together. I also have small hands so a lot of tricks are difficult because I have the hands of a 7 year old girl. 

  I can't seem to grasp any new tricks but I can sorta base new ones on stuff I already know. So you guys recommend any certain channels on YouTube with good explanatory tutorials? Do you guys recommend and good tricks that are kinda flowy but technical at the same time? I'd like to learn some impress I've tricks that aren't incredibly difficult.

  Btw, was it a bad move to buy high ends so early with out much skill at all? I was still working on double or nothing when I got the Puffin :-\

Thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate it.

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Just keep at it bud. some people are winning national contests after a year, some are having a hard time after 20 years. Just how things are.
In general you will progress faster at first if you start on unresponsive, but then you will still get too a point where its hard to progress even with the fancy do everything for you yoyo’s.
So with that mind set its not great to learn on them, but it does get you through the beginner stuff faster, but you come out the other end with less skill.
That lowered skill level will make the next level of tricks harder to learn, and even understand. Some people seem to shake this off and move on, but this is the point where a lot of people make a post in the BST labeled, “quitting yoyoing selling collection.”
There is no replacement for practice. No yoyo, or tutorial, or club meet. You just have to practice your skills and get better. I hope this has helped but really all I said was to practice so it probably didn’t.


Using high ends that early will just cause sloppy play but you can always go back and practice the tricks on a responsive throw to get better at it. I actually have lots of fun doing that myself. I’ve personally found the best way to learn tricks is to find someone else otherwise I don’t have the motivation to learn anything new.

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Here’s my advice. Stop watching tutorials. Just play and eventually you’ll start coming up with your own material.

Yeah sometimes learning isn’t the best way to develop your skills. Just play. Put on headphones, turn on your favorite album, and yoyo until that album is over. Don’t look at tutorials. just do and develop the tricks you know.

Not always works, I’ve done that and I just didn’t had any progress

I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been throwing for a year now and I am no where near as good as some other people. My hands are also tiny like yours, probably smaller, but I don’t really see any disadvantage other than triple or nothing. I too started out with a rather high end yoyo and I keep buying yoyos even though I really don’t deserve them. But when I took a break from watching tutorials and learned a trick from yomagic, faux knee, I took an element from it and created my own tricks. It feels much better to create your own tricks than to just copy one. But hey what do I know. I’m just some girl who likes to yoyo. Take it for what it’s worth.

My brother does this. He hasn’t progressed in three or four months. He has been doing it for seven. Now, his most advanced trick is hitting a straight-up 1.5 mount. He can’t even do that consistently. He has, though, thought of some great tricks and combos lately. I even used one or two of them in my video(s).

I felt this way awhile ago … Now I’m going on three years and doing killer combos and actually keeping up their with chia,suzuki,tatsuya on some stuff. Do I care to make videos, compete, brag … Nah him having fun and that’s all that matters

You should go on a journey with your favorite yoyo for 2 years, and hone your skills.

Or… you could just let it flow, and do what you want to do with your yoyo. I still haven’t learned Split the Atom, but I feel like I’ve been progressing monumentally. I have just been watching videos and doing my own stuff.

I disagree. Learning a lot of tricks from tutorials will help you understand trick construction and what makes a good trick. It also teaches you a lot of fundamentals and can give you a lot of ideas for your own. I think that after you have a good arsenal of tricks it’s time to make your own stuff.


Looks like ur beating urself up a bit :confused:
I say just finish what you can from the yye trick tutorials.
After that, try making ur own combos or look up some combos on YouTube to start off.

As for buying yoyos, having more dosent make you any better :stuck_out_tongue: I would stick with what you have for now.
I have a shutter, equilateral, DM2, and a classic and I am happy with that.(But getting more wouldnt hurt :slight_smile:

If I were u I would be happy, for christmas, I asked for one of the benchmarks, but ended up with a 3set of yomega yoyos, the raider , fireball, and brain xD

If you are having trouble combining tricks, I have some suggstions for tricks that will hellp you learn your flow. I apologize if I am insulting you but I don’t know If you already knew most of these.

Skin the Gerbil
McBride Rollar Coaster
Brother’s slack
mach whip
Black Hops.

learning these tricks is good because they flow together nicely.

For an easy combo that has flow, try trapeze to double or nothing to the matrix then at a point swing to a brother do a brother slack and swing over to a Houdini mount. Simple stuff like that can be executed to be really smooth.

Basically when i was starting, i picked out the tricks i wanted to learn to a degree, but then they got semi harder and more frustrating to learn. I think i took a break about then, when i came back i was rejuvenated and convinced that i could do it. I scrambled to get myself more adequate yoyos. Now i sometimes skim over the tutorials on The CLYW site because i find them more appealing, but i mostly make up my own stuff.

This, such a greater enriching experience starting with a Duncan bumblebee or something for the 1st few months then slowly building up. That’s pretty much the truth for every hobby

Read this thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,70337.0.html
Maybe a 1-2 week hiatus is what you need :wink:

Be careful with those trick list, I think it encourages just barely learning a trick then moving on to a completely unrelated one and never being consistent in any of them. Just take a few weeks or even months and just practice basic mounts in till it’s impossible for you to miss them
It’s All about the basics

What helps me is watching videos from other people and slowing them down. That way I can break down whatever they are doing. Sometimes I watch a tutorial and cannot get the last part per say and I just make up my own ending. Just keep at it tho. As somebody else said above, maybe just take a little break and come back fully rejuvenated. I know it has helped me because I have felt this way before. Do not worry you will get it with perseverance. Also, do not forget the most important part, Have FUN!!! :wink:

It’s fun to kind of mix it up. Do your own thing sometimes, do tutorials other times, take breaks.

For someone who is of the “self-teach” mindset, when I first started out I was like “oh man what if I do this and this and this haha this is fun experimenting but… hmm… what else can I do…? I don’t know any REAL tricks and I can only do so much with the limited knowledge I currently have…” and so I do some tutorials and then all of a sudden all the ideas I had become less interesting and I just work on those few tutorial tricks that I learned for the rest of my life and forget about all the ideas I had before. :frowning:

That happened to me with playing guitar too. But then after awhile of learning and playing other people’s ideas and styles my old creativity came back and I had the chops to express my own ideas effectively.

I’m sure that will work out for me with yoyo too.

But I think sometimes it is good to have those few people who just don’t care about the established system and do whatever random stuff pops into their head, disconnected from the rest of the [yo-yo] world for the most part. Just have fun and maybe perfect the stuff you already know and try to improve gradually. If you keep working on old stuff… maybe you aren’t learning anything new but at least you are improving on what you already know…?

I don’t know… I’m not one to talk considering my lack of experience in yoyo specifically… but whenever I feel like I’ve hit a creative wall in anything I just step back, then step in again and keep it fun and enjoyable and maybe throw in something new every so often… For me it’s all about fun. shrugs Probably nothing I’ve said is very good or useful to you but my brain is starting to hurt now.

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I’m very much a self-teacher. I think I learned up to about The Matrix and then stopped learning from tutorials altogether. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like coming up with stuff myself. I yoyo because I enjoy it, and I love the feel and challenge of creating my own stuff, for me it’s part of the experience.

I’m not saying this is the approach that people should take, as I’m pretty sure that most of the best of the best started by learning tutorials, but personally I’m a make-your-own man through and through. The sense of accomplishment is much greater when you stumble across something exciting.