Trick Dvd

This has probably been said before and I’m too lazy to look, but a DVD of all the tricks on here would be amazing. I have bandwidth restrictions on my internet so i can’t watch alot of the videos. A DVD of this stuff would be kinda nice.

It could be done.

You just need to make an offline version of this…

With Andre’s permission, I’ll make a windows executable for this :slight_smile:

Andre has actually hinted on many occasions that a YYE DVD is and has been in the works. Don’t worry. It’s coming sooner or later, unless something has unexpectedly changed ;).

That would be cool

I hope it’s almost done! I can’t wait! ;D

still, i wonder why its taking so long? not to sound impatient, but just pondering.

Maybe he’s waiting for a certain event to get footage from it?
Maybe he’s waiting for a certain event to release it?
Maybe there’s gonna be more tuts on it than whats on the site?
Maybe there’s gonna be a different person doing each of the divisions and they’re working on getting footage?
Maybe its gonna have the multi-angle function that i’ve seen on some other DVDs?

We just dont know!! I’m excited though =D