Help with y factor

Hi so I have a cotton candy y-factor and it has vibe and i want to figure out how to fix it because ive tried other y factors without vibe and they play amazing

Tighten it tighter. It’s normal for One Drops, just screw past your normal stopping point.

I tried tightening it but it didnt work but thanks for trying to help

Is it damaged? Could be an axle problem or the bearing. Try a center trac.

A different bearing won’t help vibe at all unless the bearing is wobbling or broken, wich is highly unlikely.

Take the axle out and roll it on a flat surface, if it wobbles its bent and causing vibe if not then–

– It could be the bolts on each side aren’t in all the way.

Is the yoyo damaged at all?

No it is completely mint exept for the vibe. how do i get the axle out (I dont have a axle key)

Can you pull it out with your hand? Try sticking it in the freezer for half an hour then try.

Try all those first and if not, sigh use pliers :o,

the axle is in there tight Ive tried plyers and the freezer thing

A concaved bearing does actually help, but agreed the vibe is most likely from the axle. Its possible that the last owner bent it ever so slightly somehow and induced a vibe.

Anyway, how bad is the vibe anyway? I wouldn’t damage the yoyo further if its 100% playable.

the vibe isnt amazingly bad but its still there and the main reason I want to get rid of the vibe is because it is a 1 of 20 color way and it decreases the value by a lot

It doesn’t decrease that much actually. I have the same y factor and another that is officially one of my “beaters”. Slight vibe doesn’t bother me anyway, it’s normal. If your intent is to sell it, I’d leave it alone. It sounds to me like you’d decrease the value more trying to pull out the axle and tinker with it.

One Drop “locktite’s” there axles on the Y Factor… That is the reason you can’t get it out…

Can you post pictures of the yoyo?? That might help us figure out what is up…

thanks for the help everyone but i contacted david @ OD and hes going to do a factory tuneup

I think they loctite all of their non side effect throws. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Your right ;). Someone just posted that.

Disregard this. The Y-Factor doesn’t have Side Effects, meaning it doesn’t need to be tightened extra. Bcmaddog, don’t assume, you could ruin someone’s yoyo by doing that.

Anyways, try tuning it. Vibe doesn’t affect play anyways, it’ll play like any other Y-Factor unless the vibe turns into wobble.