Chief Vibe?

Hey everyone.

So I just received my Foxy Moss 8th run Chief in the mail, and I was thrilled to try it out. Unfortunately, It has vibe. I can feel it on the string and it’s definitely noticeable on grinds. Is the newest runs supposed to have this vibe?

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I’ve had 2 light run Chiefs. Both smooth as butter. I’d say not normal.

Are you measuring vibe after running your finger along the edge of the yoyo while spinning, or are you just feeling vibe straight off the throw?

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I measure the vibration after running my finger along the edge of the yoyo while it’s spinning.

Yeah, that’s too bad. Only thing I’d do at that point is take it apart, including the axle, and then re-assemble to re-seat the bearing. Even better, I’d switch bearings out completely to one of my go-to KK’s that I know are smooth.

At any rate, some of these are vibe-less. I’d go so far as to say the 2 I had were 2 of the smoothest throws I’ve ever had.

I reassembled it, and it has less vibe now, but still enough to be fustrating considering I spent $145 on it.

Sorry to hear this! Couple things you can try.

Thread the axle all the way to one side of one half. If that doesn’t help thread it all the way to the other side of the other half. When you get to the end of the thread just try to give the axle a little wiggle. I test threw each one of these Chiefs and they all passed my inspection.

BUT even though I strive for perfection, I sometimes do miss things. I’m sorry about this. If the axle tuning above doesn’t work, then just contact YoYoExpert and they can get you a new one if you’re not happy or can work something else out. We have a 3 week return policy as long as it isn’t used and there are no dings.



That Sucks. Ive thrown like 5 chiefs and allow were ultra smooth

I tried the tuning, and it didn’t work. I’ll contact YYE. Thanks for the help though…really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Ya sorry about that … André will take care of you, so don’t worry! I think they’re out of Foxy Moss though … so might have to go with something else if you’re exchanging it. But ya just email YoYoExpert, might be some other options.

Hey about that axle tuning technique…

Should I screw the screw in until its firmly screwed into half of the yoyo OR should I loosen it just a little bit so it has a bit of wiggle?

I’ve always done it with a bit of room left to be screwed in.

If the axle is “anchored” in to one side, my understanding is that it’s more likely to favor one side, and thus cause wobble/vibe

If, on the other hand, the axle is “floating” evenly between the two halves, I’ve always understood that this is the best way to avoid vibe/wobble as everything is evenly distributed.

Not true at all. The weight of the axle is so minimal that it would never cause any wobble or vibe if it was favouring one side.

Tighten it all the way to one side by hand and give it a wiggle so that you can get it even more into one side.

For some reason this works.


Are you using the stock bearing in the Chief? If you changed bearings, that might cause some vibe. In some yoyos, different bearings work better, for example, in my Trinity, with a KK it has a vibe, with a regular flat bearing, the vibe is minimized.

I got schooled. haha.

this is good information too!

Even majority of the Fools Gold stuff I’ve handled is smooth.

As for the axle placement, the axle and threading alignment can cause change in the smoothness. Weight should not matter a whole lot, as long as the concentricity of both halves are good. Chance is that the hole of the treading may be a tinge misaligned.

I was just throwing around my friends brand new Fools Gold Latitude 53 Chief and it feels just as smooth and stable as my retail arctic circle. This was my first time throwing a Chief…I got a retail 28s in route to me now.

He said theres an ano flaw somewhere near the bearing but you have to take it apart to even see it. FG is so much win.